Call of Duty: Warzone Rebirth Island Livestream

تم نشره في 2020/12/16
Richie dives into the first season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in Warzone, which adds more than 30 Cold War weapons and the brand new Rebirth Island map. Rebirth Island is a smaller map that has up to 40 players for more intense close quarters combat.


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  • Noice

  • Anyone else feel weird about the name "rebirth" paired with the hammer and sickle? All while the US is currently undergoing some sketchy stuff with Chinese intel and hacking. My paranoid subliminal radar is on overdrive lmao

  • They didn’t bring back the wingsuit 😭 boooooooo

  • @GameSpot Dear, please, is there any platform to download game demo in dolby atmos?? Thanks

  • The new mode is limited or unlimited?

  • Enjoyed the stream

  • Rebirth Island is lit! Who else is having a lot of fun with it? ❤️❤️

  • Good

  • Warzone turned into pubg... just in the first person

    • Is that a bad thing?

    • @Mr.Penguin man I’m a R6 player.... all the free for all survivors gameplay is dead

    • No hate to players of pubg it’s just my opinion

  • I’m gonna kill myself if I have to redownload modern warfare

  • is verdansk still availible on warzone?

    • @adam bledsoe you have to go to resurgence game mode

    • @adam bledsoe have to go on resurgence mode

    • @adam bledsoe :(

    • Only fuckin lobby im getting thrown in and a bought black ops

    • Yes!

  • i'm very confused I have black ops cold war and everytime i click on the warzone option on the game it takes me to playstation store for the cod mw full game, do i have to download warzone seperately to play it? is black ops cold war warzone different to mw warzone? is it the case the black ops cold war has their own warzone but its just not out yet? genuinely confused someone please help thanks.

    • @richeeese thanks man!

    • WZ is free though! :) Hope this helps.

    • Yep! WZ is it's own game mode away from Cold War and Modern Warfare, so if you wanna play Rebirth island, you'll have to DL ALL of WZ first.

  • Thanks to all who showed up during the stream! Hope you're enjoying the new WZ/CW update!

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    • People actually watch this as a whole? I thought it was some trailer or something lmao