12 Biggest Trailers From The Game Awards 2020

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Watch some of the best trailers and game reveals that came out of The Game Awards 2020, including a new Mass Effect, a teaser for Dragon Age 4, the return of Perfect Dark, and more.
Alongside a celebration of 2020's best video games, The Game Awards was packed with new trailers and world premieres for upcoming titles.
If you didn't sit through the entire three-hour long show but still want to catch the big announcements from the event, we've got you covered with this round-up of the 12 biggest trailers from The Game Awards 2020. The compilation features the surprise reveal of Perfect Dark, the first game from Microsoft's "AAAA studio." The Initiative is helmed by talent from Crystal Dynamics, Naughty Dog, Bungie, and more. We also included two teasers from Bioware: one for the next Dragon Age, featuring everyone's favorite egg, Solas, as well as a glimpse at the next Mass Effect. We also had to include Sepiroth's introduction video to Smash Bros. Ultimate, featuring that now-iconic image of him and Mario, as well as Ark 2, starring Vin Diesel.
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0:00 Introduction
0:14 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Sephiroth Reveal Trailer
03:09 Perfect Dark Reveal Trailer
05:03 Among Us New Map Trailer
06:07 Ark 2 Reveal Trailer
10:30 The Next Dragon Age Teaser Trailer
11:42 The Callisto Protocol Reveal Trailer
13:34 Back 4 Blood Reveal Trailer
15:43 It Takes Two Gameplay Trailer
18:18 Returnal Gameplay Trailer
19:22 Fortnite Master Chief Reveal Trailer
19:48 Microsoft Flight Simulator Console Trailer
20:43 The Next Mass Effect Teaser Trailer


  • IM really excited for "Back 4 blood"

  • That damned egg....

  • mass effect: first contact wars

  • was good that after more year and half there was some new stuff regarding back 4 blood,announced in march 2019.evil west was a very nice bonus to that.


  • Perfect Dark looks so DOPE!!!

  • Back 4 Blood looks like a great spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead

    • Hell yeah. It being Turtle Rock I'd go as far to say it IS Left4Dead 3 in all but name. But Valve owns the trademark so they couldnt call it that. Great to see the guys who invented the genre go back to it. Currently my most anticipated.

    • My thoughts exactly 💯.

  • Trailers were too big, didnt feel like watching them 7/10 - Gamespot

  • Having to listen to Vin Diesel for hours on end is a terrible idea for a game

  • Comments were turned off on the lazy cyber punk review unsurprisingly. If you're gonna review a game try be professional about it and actually play the game and try the contents out to give a well rounded review. If you don't know what you're doing then leave it to someone who does. Trying to play a huge game like cyberpunk the same way you might play Pokémon with all that water, or the same way you play telltale games isn't going to cut it with fans who can Wade through the BS

  • AR-one: how many ads? This channel: yes

  • I cant take Vin Diesel face seriously

  • Why is no one talking about how awesome It Takes Two looks?

  • Are u serious? Where is "Season"?

  • The fact that you guys skipped Crimson Desert is the reason people rather watch IGN 😂

  • Will they make Shepard Alive if yes than i will buy the game

  • 22:09 There’s only one Asari I know that has freckles like that...It’s Liara. This next Mass Effect is definitely a sequel to the original trilogy. The ruined Mass Relays and the mention of the Arcturus station was also a dead giveaway. lol

  • Im hyped for Dragon age and mass effect

    • I wish that it is a sequal to Andromeda BUT it has both games intagrated Like Total War:Warhammer.... Updates and fixes the game, adds on A LOT of new stuff etc. with a full new game...

  • Back 4 Blood = LEFT FOR DEAD 3 CONFIRMED!

  • Dragon ages trailers abit underwhelming but hey who cares. they back

  • Bioware won the show ngl

  • biggest suprise was Mass Effect. almost 10 year passed. Hope see again commander Shepard 2021!

  • i was expecting kojima new game announcement...

  • So you're telling me Ark 2 and even Fortnite trailers were bigger than Crimson Desert trailer? Ok...

  • Oh yeah :D

  • Oh yeaaaa Mass Effect!..... i feel the chills ... always had excellent sound tracks....

  • No darktide come on now


  • Sephiroth impailing Super Mario is the most badass thing I've ever seen a game.

  • Who the hell thought that ark 2 trailer was a good idea?? Why spend all that money on a survival game sequel teaser??

  • There were a lot of good things, but most of the things that we were interested in were only cinematic trailers etc. To be honest, SSBU won

  • now all we need are the new consoles///hey dirty scalpers stop buying them all///lowlifes

  • Horizon zero Dinosaur

  • Perfect dark and that camison desert game or whatever its called was my favorite

  • So Ark 2 is just a very advanced version of them doing cosplay?

  • .....wait a moment mass effect? How the hell will you do that given your shitty endings


  • The Perfect Dark teaser looks disappointing. The music and visuals look nothing like the N64 game. And, it's not by Rare.

  • Where is nier replicant Shady part of me Sea of solitude Crimson desert Oddworld soulstorm I can't share this video to my friends it doesn't have or mention these great games

  • Mass defect

  • The fact that Crimson Desert isn't shown is a crime...the best trailer during the awards

  • BRO THE LOW KEY BRING BACK OG’s games now!! Perfect dark, dragon age, mass effect, and a new left 4 dead!

    • @BlazingInferno wait......no way...I’m going to cry, is it supposed to be releated? Or like a look alike. If so that’s one of my fav games

    • Don’t forget the Callisto Protocol for Dead Space

  • When the trailers are better than the awards show...

    • I mean, always has been

    • The only reason i watched it was to see new trailler

  • Really great to finally get news on The Initiative's first game, and it was Perfect Dark as we heard from all the rumors. Hope we see some stunning gameplay next year.

  • Pretty hard to get my hopes up for a new ME after how disastrous Andromeda was. My money is that it’s a retcon into a fourth game. Not sure it’s a good idea, but hey.

    • Andromeda is a thousand years into the future. It's easy to ignore

  • These all look like over hyped dross.

  • Perfect Dark was cool to see

  • Why no Squall !!!!!!!!!!!!! i want him on Smash Bros

  • Liara ?!!?

  • I don't want to sound like a hater but I don't like Vin Diesel trying it in the gaming industry; his alpha toxicity.

  • Mass Effect? ... you can only hope.

  • Holy crap vin diesel in ark 2

  • Mass effect:)

  • Still no new trailer of Bayonetta 3, disappointing.

  • The CG trailer Awards 2020

  • Stop putting actors into videos games. Fair enough if they want to do a voice over but come up with original looking characters ffs

    • @CinePhilia I'm not talking actors doing voice roles. I'm talking actors literally voicing and playing a 3d version of themselves.

    • @Elazul Strafe so you won't play ac origins?! You know that the main character's voice actor is famous. He plays in the series raised by wolves

    • You know the gaming industry is normie-ized (I know that's not a word) when Hollywood actors are in every game now. Just makes me not want to play their game.

    • Agreed. No actors in games only inspirations and voices of characters pls

    • But don't you love it sometimes as in days gone. They used a fairly known actor and they altered him quite a bit. Sometimes it turns out good. I agree with your statement if all the characters in the video games are type A celebrities as in Kojima games. It doesn't have a video game- feel anymore but rather becomes a cgi/animated game

  • Im gonna buy it takes 2 its awesome the story hype..and its kinda cute and i love the idea ❤️❤️❤️

  • vin diesel in ark 2 :DD

  • GA2020: Sephiroth, that is all. 😂

    • @Geral Reniord perefect dark?

    • @VYSHNAV JITHESH I've only had the time to play the first mass effect never got any further, it's a cool game 🔥

    • and perefect dark and mass effect

  • Still hollowing out here waiting for elden ring

  • LEFT 4 DEAD 3!!/ Back 4 Blood!

  • this channel is ded

  • It takes two looks super interesting, and microsoft flight simulator looks too good to be true.

  • My favorite was the Nier Replicant trailer

  • That Ark CG straight out of the Syfy channel...

  • Why would anyone buy another Ark game after the shit storm scam the first one was

    • @The Blue Orchid's it wasn't broken for me. I ran a family pve server, and we all had a blast.

    • @TheDrexill *if you expect

    • @TheDrexill the problem is , if you just give money to a broken products, the company will think that "broken standards" is okay and will do the same thing because they know it works, i mean , that was EA do with FIFA , and you except a different result like" they'll be better next time" to a smaller company , i knew ark have a lot of patch & story updates like No man Sky did, but the damage has been made

    • eh, 1,795 hours for roughly 25 bucks... I'll pre-order the next one the second it drops. I think people these days have trouble finding enjoyment generally speaking, so a lot of times the idea that everything has to be great, gets in the way of letting things be good and enjoying them.

    • Ark was made on a buggy engine and the game itself is broken to the core. By making a clean slate theres hopefully not as many problems as with the first game

  • Seeing Ark 2: When did this turn into beautiful world?

  • These where the best??? Well that sure is disappointing. Feels like Gaming is going to be a bit dull next year.

  • Why would some one want to disable the comments on a video when it receives backlash? Isn't that the kind of thing we make fun of China for doing?

  • I’m going to be completely honest I was not expecting another mass effect game I was expecting a Remaster

  • I’m sorry, where is Scarlet Nexus. The game looks fucking brilliant.

  • That Ark trailer was so wack.

    • Just like any other Vin Diesel movie? hehe

    • Looked like CG from 2008. Not sure why all the human characters were so stiff and awkward. What a waste.

    • It was awful wasn’t it, nothing special at all

    • That was a really dumb trailer.

  • Bioware has disappointed me so many times....and yet I'll probably buy the new Dragon Age game as soon as it comes out.

    • We all Will play Elder scrolls 6 No matter how bad Fallout 76 is

  • What about The Wolf Among Us 2, and will Henry be available as a character model in Among Us

  • Maybe Ark 2 won’t have as many bugs as your dead grandma’s casket, no disrespek on yo granny of course

  • We're here for 👑 Sephiroth 💥 @1:40 ... 😭😭..this brings....me ..😢



  • HA almost everything after the Sephiroth Reveal was literally crap, including the game of the year pick lol

    • mass effect trailer def better than some character in smash

  • Wtf is vin diesel in ark2? Jesus that mass effect trailer brought me to tears. Can't wait!!!!


    • After how they handled breakpoint (it doesn't even deserve to be capitalized), you sure you want that?

  • Sephiroth literally stole the show.

  • I just want Farcry6 Dev gameplay

  • Back for blood soooo left 4 dead 3

    • @Kaushal Banninthaya oh didn’t even see what company it was made by

    • Well, it is by Turtle Rock Studios who made L4D sooo...

    • In every way accept officially yeah, pretty much...

  • For some reason no one has been talking about the Ghosts n' Goblins Resurrection trailer which I was really excited to watch the trailer. I watched my brother play the game on SNES back in the 90s.

    • Loved the Genesis game .. gave me my first panic attack lol

  • So basically, It Takes Two is about two peeps being shipped together by the book of love.

  • Yes dude fucking mass effect

  • Perfect dark!!!! Fuck yeah that’s my childhood game


  • This was severely underwhelming in my opinion

  • Any one else felt that Vin diesel moment was a reference to pitch black

  • I hope that super Smash Bros. X Finale Fantasy game is coming out for the PS5...and also that vin diesel game looks amazing

    • Smash bros X Final Fantasy isn’t a game, it’s just a character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    • Super smash bro’s is a Nintendo exclusive

    • 😂😂😂

    • Lolwut?

  • Mass effect doe 👀👀

  • And everyone said ark was dead

  • Link v sephiroth

  • 🤔 gunshots with the music is still a thing?

    • It gives it impact but sometimes it's unneeded but covers up a shit soundtrack

  • Every thing was cool until fortnite appeard

    • I can never say I hate a game I’ve never played honestly, so I don’t really know why people hate it so much.

  • Games are art, and lemme tell you, yall dont know anything about art

  • Best game they showed was CD. Don’t care about anything else except Sephiroth in smash because for 5$ it’ll be fun. Other then that nothing new. Shooter zombies... don’t care. Ark ll. Is gonna be amazing. That’s literally about it

  • Comments still disabled on the cyberpunk review...does GameSpot expect us to Judy move on and forget?

    • Lol that's cuz all the man boys were sending death threats and shit. Y'all need to grow up man, bad review, but move on.