PS5 and Xbox's Biggest Reveals at Game Awards 2020

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At this year's Game Awards, we got a sneak peek at upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X games like the Perfect Dark reboot, The Callisto Protocol, and a brand new Mass Effect. The Generation Next gang talk about their favorites.
The Game Awards 2020 featured a ton of announcements, ranging from world premiers of new games to gameplay teasers for already anticipated titles. And plenty of those announcements had to deal with games coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.
On this episode of Generation Next, Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor provide their immediate reactions to what went down at The Game Awards. The trio also talk through their respective impressions of the show as a whole and how it has contributed to the conversation surrounding the new generation of consoles--from the reveal of Xbox Series X to the advertisement of upcoming AAA titles and indie titles coming exclusively to the new consoles in 2021 and beyond, including The Callisto Protocol and Perfect Dark.
Generation Next is a weekly video series focused on discussing Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Sometimes that means sitting down for a serious discussion and other times that means mixing in some good points among lots of silly bants. It's usually the latter.
00:00 - Intro
00:28 - No Elden Ring at the Game Awards
01:29 - Perfect Dark announced for Xbox and PC from The Initiative
06:21 - The Callisto Protocol announced for 2022. Set in the PUBG universe?
08:57 - Ark 2 announced with Vin Diesel
11:03 - Halo Infinite delayed to Fall 2021 and Craig explained
13:03 - New Mass Effect announced
15:50 - Returnal release date revealed, but no God of War or Horizon Forbidden West
17:41 - Outro


  • Too many reveals 7/10 - Gamespot

  • Comments were turned off on the lazy cyber punk review unsurprisingly. If you're gonna review a game try be professional about it and actually play the game and try the contents out to give a well rounded review. If you don't know what you're doing then leave it to someone who does. Trying to play a huge game like cyberpunk the same way you might play Pokémon with all that water, or the same way you play telltale games isn't going to cut it with fans who can Wade through the BS

  • My goodness.. I've said it before, I'll say it again. That mouth. Those lips. Aussie Aussie Aussie. Oi you..

  • Really hope y'all continue doing these for good! Genuinely love tuning into this each week.

  • XBOX carried the show and Perfect Dark stole the show. Flight Simulator on the XBOX Series X is literally the most incredible thing on a console in the history of gaming.

  • this channel is fucking dead.

  • Lucy killed him with that Elden Ring line

  • Why does a channel with over 4 million subscribers only reach around 15k to 30k views a video? Oh right. It’s because you’re all hacks!

  • Who care about Perfect Dark we have a Dead Space successor!!! And AAAA game is a stupid buzzword.

  • Yo gamespot Just wanted to say that your review of Cyberpunk was the most accurate so keep up the great work! Its one of the reasons I didnt buy that mess of a game on release so thx for helping me save money. It was kinda funny though how people got mad over a review for a game that didnt even come out yet. Heated Gamer moment

    • the only thing they got right with that review is that the game is a buggy mess, other than that it's a pretty shit review.

  • I was expecting some reveal of starfield and mention of Bioshock 4

  • Who is this monstrosity of a female presenter?

  • that gamespot in a nutshell. let's totaly ignore pc gaming. "because we have no clue about pc gaming. and we don't get payed enough to cover up pc gaming too".

  • Are we gonna talk about tamoor personally attacking the quartering just because he had a different opinion? No?

  • I never played perfect dark before and to be honest looks interesting

  • Check out my latest video and please tell me what you think as I talk about games vs simulation and want to know what people you guys miss the old school style or love the new simulation style games? Comment on this video! - @

  • I love this show

  • I hope the journalists that reviewed cyberpunk f****** dies


  • Sony didn’t really need to show anything now - they’ve had an excellent PS5 launch with a few decent games so there was no urgency on their part. It’s MS that really needs to up the ante, and fast. GamePass aside, there’s just not a lot going for them right now.

  • WTF they didn't even mention crimson desert

  • On Xbox one x ARK was unstable as hell. I’m going to try it out again for series x today!

  • Xbox and big reveal don’t belong in the same sentence

  • Tam's pleasant greetings feel more sinister, than his double entendre greetings

  • Still in love with this video series! Good work gen next squad

  • What happened to the cyberpunk review

    • Forget cyberpunk, 2020 has been so bad so no need for it anymore.

  • Horizon, Diesel Dawn. 🤣🤣

  • Unsubbed

    • Bye Felicia

  • kallie plague .......she worked hard to destroy ign and now can u hire this shit after that pokemon review

  • Here's the cancel bots, middle class hipsters from California trying to convince people they know anything about game design. Hack journalists!

  • You guys are a cash grab channel with fake gamer to give reviews. I'm not supporting you guy unsubscribe.

  • You guys are a cash grab channel with fake gamer to give reviews. I'm not supporting you guy unsubscribe.

  • Mass Effect Deception is the book to avoid, that's no longer canon. But the first three books are great, read each before each of the Milky Way based games

  • I badly want a soul reaver remake. Tenchu as well

  • Why did you turn off comments on your Cyberpunk 2077 review?

    • Because ironically they love to hand it out but can’t take any criticism themselves!

    • @Steve McGarrigle Thats a pretty good resume of how narrow minded people react when they stop listening after the first trigger words. Except Jeremy replaced "barely" with "did not".

    • "Her: I barely played the game Quartering: She barely played the game?! Them: Quartering, you hateful liar!" Looool!

  • Would LOVE a new chapter of Jade Empire!

  • Do you all not realize Elden Ring is created by one of the laziest writers who can’t even finish a book he’s been sitting on for 10 years despite the series’ success? What did you expect,?

    • Those books are never going to be finished

  • When Mass Effect was announced, I came in my pants.

  • 0:28 Savage

  • I want one of those Gamespot tshirts. Also can Tamoorh or Lucy please sign it?

  • I saw the logo for the DataDyne corporation so that's interesting

  • I'll watch Lucy James but not Callie Plagge.

  • It was years since the Initiative was formed lol

  • 7/10 ~ kallie plague

  • Can’t believe how salty people still are about Cyberpunk review! I’ve played it now and fuck me that game needs to be put back in the oven to cook some more, and I’m on PS5 and PC. 7/10 was fair as fuck.

  • I cant believe these people are still employed... The minimum wage thing i believe but the continuing to work at a place after receiving so much backlash... As a business owner, i just don't understand it.

    • I’re here, and you’re watching (supporting their business), so why wouldn’t they be employed? If you’re a business owner you must realise that continuing to patronise a business you don’t like keeps them going.

  • I tried to read War of the Worlds several years back and it's not a big book at all but I couldn't even finish it. It may have been groundbreaking back then but now it's a chore.... imho.

    • Ttry the Jeff Wayne musical version, eay 90 minutes resume to pick up the story. To understand the real deal, listen to the original radio broadcast and realize that was made in the days radioreports were serious. The movie about the radio broadcast explains it also kind of decent. But please skip the 2005 Holywood version or current soap serie.

  • No real gamer cares about flight sim that appeals to a small audience

  • I only clicked and liked because of Lucy 😍

  • Quadruple A is such a horrible term...

    • AAAA......It’s like Dubai got into game development.

    • It's budget

  • eyyy the lads r bak!!

  • Tams "Elden Ring" is my "Dragons Dogma 2". On it's way but so far away :(

  • It’s ok, I can wait another 2 years for another Elden Ring trailer, totally.......

  • Elden ring is a myth

  • fuck that we all about *SEPHIROTH*

  • YOOO it’s Jordan, the dude that reviewed Miles Morales 💀💀

  • Elden ring..... where is it?

  • lol the first week reception of cyberpunk 2077 was so horrible I wonder if people would retract their dislikes for Gamespot's review.

  • Unsubbed your channel. 👬👭✡🕎

    • Cool.. but what does a menorah and a star of david got to do with that?

  • I wonder if the dude with the fro said any wild shit like he did with spiderman

  • the game journalists awards. imagine writing a review of cyberpunk 2077 like this: "there's like a whole crafting interface, I barely touched it. there's too many weapon attachment and I didn't bother. the game's scale is just too big there's too much". then deciding who wins awards at TGA. peopel, we need to kill game journalism or this industry is gone

    • Her: I barely played the game Quartering: She barely played the game?! Them: Quartering, you hateful liar!

  • Perfect Dark 😎

    • @Jonathan G. It was an old game they could have change the mechanics. We have so many First person shooter games now. Games like Control, horizon zero dawn, tomb Raider was great 3rd person and gives more personality to the characters

    • @Complexity perfect dark was never 3rd person

    • Should be 3rd person

  • Spoiler alert, almost all awards whent to The Last of Us Part II.

    • @Frisbee dog nope

    • Mustache Twirling Bad Guy I think humanity may need less judgmental people with a touch more humility.

    • Yukkh

    • @careless ghost should have won

    • Nothing for Alyx oh god sony is so much unprofessional

  • PS5's biggest reveal is that they obviously paid off the judges lmao

    • Sony doesn’t have to pay anything when Xbox is already dead anyway.

    • @Anthony Bane I honestly thought that two games should have been the goty in my opinion. Doom Eternal and Ghost, I don’t care if either one won but they both deserves it IMO

    • Or they developed two Story based games that where better than Xbox shooters like always lol.


  • When all you wanted was to see elden ring......

  • Game awards sucked.