RazerStore CES 2021 Livestream

تم نشره في 2021/01/12
Get a glimpse of all the innovative product unveils, exclusive content, a special guest appearance and more at the RazerStore CES 2021 Live event.


  • Hmm... A Bathing Ape aka Bape! So... A Gaming Ape aka... Did you guys run this by marketing!?

  • You talk about customization.. so where is Razer Blade Pro 17 with QHD screen and RTX 3080??

  • was waiting for the Viper mini wireless ;(

    • It’s called Razer viper ultimate there is a wireless model

  • Just pre ordered the razer Advanced 15 RTX 3080 FHD, cant wait to get my hands on that hardware !!👍

    • better cancel that order. overpriced with last gen intel chips. look into Asus's lineup!

  • Where can I get the mask please

    • The mask is currently a prototype but when they're released they will put it on social media e.g. Instagram and you'll be able to buy them at the official online razer store

  • Damn no viper mini wireless

    • thanks for commenting this now i dont need to watch the whole video

  • The “I want to get robbed” face mask

  • I wonder how much that will be haha

  • The thing about their laptop cooling is, it is god awful unless your purchase the Advanced models, which come at a massive price. Otherwise, you gotta enjoy the constant loud fan noise. And it is not like a background noise you can ignore, they ramp up to 3.000 RPM on idle. At least on my Blade 15 2019 model with all the updates installed. Was just unbearable for me.

    • Just get an Asus....those guys are killing it!

    • Advanced model is also loud

    • I've got the 2017 Razer Blade Pro. I think I just learned to ignore the fan noise. And I've got headphones. It was a trade-off I accepted in return for good specs. I can play Cyberpunk 2077 on high.

    • Oh wow, have just seen, they did it again :D Well, pay half on Asus and you get it at either SKU.