Let’s Play Next Gen FIFA 21 on Samsung QLED 8K

تم نشره في 2020/12/11
(Sponsored by Samsung) Cam is back with Jay-Ann to play FIFA 21 in all it’s upscaled 8K glory on Samsung QLED 8K. Find out more here: www.samsung.com/uk/tvs/qled-tv/gaming/


  • Reason why i love Samsung phones : ecosystem , dex , 4 year support updates , one Ui , android os build quality , and more ❤❤

  • Too much grass 7/10

  • No side quest Not enough things to do Plenty of microtransactions *10/10*

  • Ghost of Tsushima was robbed

  • can someone explain why a 10 year old game is called NEXT GEN? is that black girl Scottish? its all wrong in this video...

    • How can you not tell that she doesn’t have Scottish accent

  • Definitely not a good representation of 8k gaming smh

  • 8k doesn’t exist on Samsung and less in a normal LED panel.

    • I have 8k now watch me on your phone

  • Does 21 have a get injured while no one is near you function?


  • 1 comment only bruhhh im number 2

  • Gamespot is part of the problem with gaming today.

    • You're totally right my dude.

    • I agree half assed reviews and agendas.

    • @Justin Reschke then whats wrong with gamespot

    • @Guitar IsLife I don't care if cyberpunk is a 1/10 game. I'm not here to shill for cyberpunk.