Call Of Duty’s Top 9 Special Weapons

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From the Ballistic Knife to the Crossbow, let's take a look back at Call of Duty's Special Weapons class.
Call of Duty's Special weapons class has always helped mix up a weapon roster. In this video, Richie goes over the top nine weapons that earned the "special" moniker. Everything from Riot Shields to the legendary Crossbow, this list will be familiar to those who have played any Call of Duty game from 2010 onwards.
Over the years, the special class of weapons usually refers to equipment like ballistic knives and specialty rocket launchers. While this list has both, there are also strange weapons like Black Ops III's DIY 11 Renovator, which is a tactical nail gun. Launched along the D13 Sector handsaw, the category of weapons has sure take some silly turns. Others are more well known such as the Death Machine mini gun and the War Machine chain gun. While these are fun to use and memorable, our number 1 pick is the iconic Crossbow.
For more info about this sort of specialty weapon, be sure to check out our video where arms expert John Ferguson discusses them and their impact in weapons history. We've also got more top 10 videos in our Call of Duty playlist. Thanks for watching!
00:18 - M2 Flamethrower
00:57 - D13 Sector + DIY 11 Renovator
01:41 - Valkyrie Rockets
02:16 - Riot/Assault Shield
03:12 - Minigun
03:58 - War Machine
04:34 - Grim Reaper
05:32 - Ballistic Knife
06:18 - Venom X
06:50 - Crossbow


  • Hey everyone, Richie here! Thanks for checking out our video! Let me know what your favorite special weapon is- unless it’s the riot shield (jk) 😄

  • 3:44 sounds like npesta

  • I wonder how many people recognized the home improvement sound.

  • To have a normal riot shield function like COD's in real life, the thing would probably weigh over 50+ lbs. They are made for bricks and rocks, not full auto gunfire.

  • Ahh Black Ops 1. The best Call of Duty by far in my opinion. I miss those halcyon days.

  • I liked the SHOOTING KNIFE!!

  • Ya.l should have the firearms guy break down the weapons in War of Rights

  • "DIY Renovator stinks" Oh, we're talking about Core, here hahahaha. The Renovator is insanely good on Hardcore, mate.

    • Oh I can imagine haha

  • Black ops 3 nx shadow claw crossbow Doubles as a melee and a crossbow

  • Ayee Cruppz

  • There's nothing wrong with D13 Sector & DIY 11 Renovator, Riot/Assault Shield, and War Machine (COD Series) everything!!


  • Handheld circular saw?! That's an angle grinder...

    • @richeeese now that I look at it, it does look a bit like both. Either way, they're ridiculously dangerous power tools.

    • Dang. Hmmm.. looks like a fictional mix of both now that I think about it!

  • M1 irons best special weapon ever.

  • 3:44 Heavyarm noises

  • We need valkyire rockets in cold war

  • The ballistic knife will forever have a place in my heart they need to bring it back to cold war man

  • Grim Reaper made me feel like a badass more than the Deathmachine imo

  • Arnie holds xbox series x xl in 80s!!!!

  • 1985’s commando

  • "They're weird and underpowered" I remember the Renovator absolutely tearing.

    • Hmmm maybe after a future buff but man, I remember that thing like a pea shooter!

  • Don’t know if they made a video about it but they should put gun experts reacting to battlefield 1 gun

  • I like how the "please subscribe" is right when I'm sticking a crossbow bolts to someone's forehead.

    • Hahahaha that was an accident but hell yeah!

  • There should be the DMR, mac 10, and diammati in top 3 list, it may not be the fan favourite, but the devs loved it so much because the blueprints is pay to win, and it takes so damn long to get nerfed, and when the do, nothing happened

  • Imagine if we had a Riot Shield that we have in MW in Real life. Could have saved lives of many Good Men

    • @Takoshi Hitsamaru ok

    • @Jojo Joestar Jojo, there is no Riot Shield on Earth that can stop a missile, 25mm canon fire or an anti-material rifle.

    • There *IS* dum dum.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger a massive hypocrite only bigger one is Tim Cook

  • Nice

  • I used the flamethrower so much in BO1 multiplayer.

  • Thanks for the video. Not to be to neerdy but the rocket launcher is actually a flamethrower from Vietnam era. So basically, there are two flamethrowers in the game

  • I don’t need special weapons I use the force

  • Bring back the ballistic knife it’s good don’t bring the shield though because to many people would use it with the tomahawk

  • Defo mini gun for me

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  • Is Phil spencer was in the title

  • Hope everyone with their family stays form covid💜 just so u know u are loved and appreciated 💜

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  • I came for the thumbnail.

  • The golden gun Wait

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