The Men's Mental Health Forum

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GameSpot and The Nerd Council present: The Men's Mental Health Forum - a panel discussion moderated by The Nerd Council discussing men's mental health and gaming as part of Men's Mental Health Month, followed by a play-through of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice with Dominic Matthews, Studio Head at Ninja Theory!
The Nerd Council:
Twitter: TheNerdCouncil_
Ninja Theory:

UK Mental Health Crisis Helplines
- Website: - Twitter: theCALMzone
- CALM helpline: 0800585858
- Helpline: 116 123
- Helpline: 0300 330 0630
US Mental Health Crisis Helplines
Mental Health America
- Helpline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
- Text: MHA to 741741
SAMHSA Disaster Distress
- Helpline: 1-800-985-5990
- Text: “TalkWithUs” to 66746


  • Starts at 4:57

  • Lmaao why would you even dislike this?

  • Anyone else watching this at midnight?

  • What kind of human dislikes this

  • Very nice

  • Assassin's creed games 4eva

  • Finally something about men. Good to know that people still cares about men. Thank you Gamespot :)). This has been special:)

  • I appreciate this

  • not gonna lie, I think men have it worse

    • Life is hard regardless of gender

    • @Samus I'd say that's a bit of a hot take. Men have it worse in different ways which means depending on perspective life can be worse for men or women.

    • they definitely, obviously do. we have to earn our lot in life. women have it handed to them

  • Yep. This is the good content we’re looking for 👌🏻

  • Thank you for this, bless you man🙏🏾

  • Fantastic and brave of you folks for doing this! Strongly needed.

  • Just waiting for cyberpunk is giving me mental health problems

  • This is excellent! So happy I stumbled upon this! Thank you!

  • Thank you for doing this, mental health is an important issue and I'm glad you guys are discussing it.

  • The biggest issue when it comes to men's mental health in the gaming industry, is any and all sexism being exclusively associated with women. Male characters are objectively speaking just as sexualized as female characters, but male characters bodies and sexuality aren't exclusively celebrated like female characters are. When it comes reducing a character down to their genitals; it's exclusive to men. Female characters aren't belittled based on their genitals or body, where as male characters are. Homophobic jokes are exclusively made towards male characters. And it's clearly doing damage to the industry, as you have journalists like EuroGamers Aoife Wilson making homophobic and misandrist jokes and no one bats an eye. The gaming industry still has a huge problem with homophobia towards men. Then there's the violence, where there are countless games where the player is exclusively forced to both kill men, and torture men in order to complete the game. This simply isn't a thing when it comes to female characters. It's always been dissapointing to see characters like Lara Croft having way better writing and character development than any male character. There is a massive privilege gap between how men and women are treated in the gaming industry. Everything that is implied to be misogyny in the gaming industry happens to men just as much, but women don't have to deal with disposable female characters. Then there's the sexists who claim to care about sexism in the gaming industry, and they are both misogynist and misandrist. People who I'd rather not name, getting praise and worship for their hateful, sexist, and anti-sexuality, video game takes that seem to go out of their way to exclude men, despite the fact that men objectively speaking experience far more sexism in the gaming industry. I just watched a reunion episode of G4, after watching a whole bunch of re-runs of x-play. During the reunion Morgan Webb talks about how she cares so much about sexism women experience, and yet she is the only one out of the reunion group that made countless homophobic jokes during x-play. I wonder if she actually cares in the first place? I don't understand how someone can pick and choose which social issues they support and which they don't care at all about.

    • @Garuna lmaooooo this dude literally resorting to "le evil incel!"

    • @Samus says the incel who didn't provide a single source lmao

    • @CondorCalabasas hes mad hes wrong lol

    • @Garuna You've done nothing but personal attack, smear and misrepresent... Come on. The sad thing is you don't understand how this right here, what you're doing is a PERFECT example of the hostility faced when this topic is discussed. Ironically proving one of the very points you're trying to oppose. Then of course you come out with this HILARIOUS line *"how men are discriminated against as much as women"* proving the ENTIRE basis for original point was nothing but projection, it's you making it a competition nobody else. This SCREAMS insecurity.

    • @Garuna Said the child using personal attacks. You literally do not deserve it. You've lost all respect. Now I know you're a misandrist troll.

  • Thanks allot for doing this. This is important for many, including myself. I got some new insights, some great advice and support that I needed dearly.

  • Oh my fuckin god, did they actually do this? Huge respect my guys.

  • You guys are kings. Props for this

    • *Kangz

    • @Ian I can't take full credit, the guy I'm quoting is a moron who lives a sad life because his is crumbling around him.

    • @Christian original

    • Muppet

  • Dope, plenty of D Heads who won’t even grasp the importance of this. 💪🏾💯🙏🏾

  • Before it gets toxic because I know it’s coming we not all there yet in the world I wanna say this make me proud to see this on your channel thank being on the TOXICITY!!!

    • So well said: “We are not all there yet in the world.” Expresses your generous spirit to allow that some people may not be ready for this content, but there is possibility for their gaining understanding.


    • @Ian Emory no honestly buddy disliking is the medium to tell the ignorance I don't know who have like and who has dislike , but this is something we all need to discuss and also adapt in the society or else you are actually watching that people are collapsing due to mental health issues related in existing world problems For a healthy society Both male and female issues must be equally taken as important issue Cause we know imbalance among people is the harmful weapon than nuclear power weapon

    • Truth is my guy most of the people who dislike this are probably male

    • @MadDunhill That's because there's been an over correction.

    • ugh, shut up. i promise you this would have not more than 60% likes if this was a women's health forum on a gaming channel.

  • IGN is doing a good thing that might alienate some of their audience. I’m happy to see them being virtuous instead of virtue signaling.

  • Why would people dislike this? It’s a forum for men’s mental health. It’s like the most non-controversial thing in existence

    • @Garuna literally no one is hating this for that reason lmao

    • @Garuna oh look here are you again, just man hating... Surpsie surprise.

    • @A IM It's actually men disliking this cause they think talking about men's mental health is weak. Women aren't that pathetic lol.

    • It was obviously women who thought this was sexist

  • Thank you to our panelists and Gamespot for making this event happen! We hope you guys enjoy it!

    • @Jake no it wont

    • @Jake hahahaha shut the hell up bro, saving lives?

    • There's probably going to never be another winter this dark for people in our lifetimes so even though they may not leave a comment or even thank you, you've saved lives with this video and will be providing some supportive insight to many people. You should be so fucking proud.

  • Thanks for posting this 👍