9 Hidden Assassin's Creed Valhalla Secrets You Missed

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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is filled to the brim with hidden secrets, weapons, and even worlds to find. We've brought together 9 of the best that you won't want to miss.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is the latest in Ubisoft's open world action franchise, and just like Odyssey and Origins before it, it's a huge game that's filled to the brim with quests, epic boss fights, and hidden secrets to find. However, a lot of its coolest side quests don't appear in your quest log to track, instead putting it on the player to find the locations of these in a more organic way.
For those that just want to skip to the good stuff, the above video will show you nine of the coolest secrets in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, including how to kick off multi-part quests to get incredible legendary weapons and armor, how to deck out your settlement, as well as how to find some tough boss fights that yield exceptional rewards.
For more on Assassin's Creed Valhalla, we've got you covered with beginner's tips and graphics comparisons between current and next gen versions of the game, as well as comparing the PS5 version to the Xbox Series X one.
0:00 - Intro
0:24 - How to get to Asgard in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
0:51 - Outside the Animus
1:42 - How to get Hidden One Armor in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
2:39 - Find fireflies and release them at your settlement
2:59 - The Sisters of East Anglia
3:51 - How to get Excalibur in Assassin's Creed Valhalla
4:30 - Snake Monument
4:50 - Build the Museum in Ravensthorpe
5:14 - Hadrian's Wall
5:51 - Outro


  • I've only found/captured & released 2 fireflies.

  • if u light all the fires on hadrian’s wall you get a secret achievement

  • 92 Hours and finished amazing game but fenrir bugged cant fight with it at pc

  • A little late here. But did anyone else screw with Basim by staying in the haystack when he teaches you the leap of faith?

  • Is it possible to transfer ps4 save file to ps5 without cloud ? I dont wanna put in dozens of hrs , and not be able to transfer it to ps5 , when i get mine

  • They just massacred Rebecca like that

  • How do I back out druing the game to visit Lalor ?

  • What's the treasure at the snake monument? Just a treasure hoard for a ship part?

  • How is this secrets ? All this is all part of the game, an missions u cant miss any of this

  • Theres actually three hidden ones sets, mentors, hidden ones, and magisters sets Edit: just hit left trigger to pull up the story behind each.

  • Is that Chris stuckman

  • One you finish the game and start playing as Basim/Loki, if you exit out the animus as Basim and sit at the camp fire, you get a cool little scene if him seeing Eivor

    • @Odysseas R Oooooo that actually makes sense now, thought it was a bug, but was actually a canon scene. XD

    • @James Universe thats because female eivor is the canon one

    • It's weird though, if you played as Male Eivor, Basim will be looking at the female version of him instead, which is weird.

  • anyone know what's with the secret inside the palace/big nice building in Picheringa/Euviscire? RE: LOL i just scanned with Zunin, it's a piece of titanim, probably bugged in there since you can't enter the damn thing, also there's a snake inside, who the fuck knows....

  • The Hidden Ones armor is not really hidden. It’s green and bright gold which really stands out and negates one of the tenets (Hide in plain sight). I was hoping for it to be a white and red robe.

    • The green and gold coloring is actually a way to blend with Eivors gold/green hidden blade

  • In the north of East-Engla there is a boulder with a blue letter on it, its unmarked and i have no clue what it means

  • I like the BBB club.

  • Seen Keith flint and the Harry potter house

  • There’s also the Magister’s Armor that has the same Hidden One’s mask as the others

  • You can really see the exaggerated vigor and stoicism of a Nordic Teen

  • Really sad about how many bugs stop me from completing the map

  • I got 94 hours in and on the last mission I'm guessing ..what happened to hos brother lol he just disappeared 😂 I have horrible memory

    • @Mairon V nah he came back with me and told me to sit in the seat...now I cant findem anywhere ...I might play through again in a week or 2 it seems buggy

    • You probably, throughout the game, made the choices that made him stay in Norway when you return there.

  • Killed those witches instantly.. Got thors shit

  • Take alllllllll the wealth

  • If I go to Asgard I die

  • waiting for isu armor

  • This might be the best Assassin's Creed game! Im not even halfway thru it but so far i am absolutely loving it 👍

  • I thought the altar in the Jorvik area called Dobby’s Altar that you have to give fabric was a nice nod to Harry Potter. And the “Walloper” side quest for a One Punch Man reference

    • There is also a quest that is from a vid from 9 years ago... FENTON! FENTOOOON! JESUS CHRIST! FENTOOOON! only in ac valhalla its a sheep =p

  • Games good the person hosting this video is a complete prick snm

  • Asgard was such a pain. I hated the witch in the wood quest. Super annoying and at the end? No player power rewards. Total waste for me! Also i did the whole excalibur thing and the perk is a let down. All you get is a silly blind. Was hoping for a uniqe high dmg perk.

  • There are three traditional assassin armors; hidden ones, mentor, and maegister

  • Am I the only person, who didn't like the Asgard part??

    • I liked it a lot but as the last guy says it does feel very unrewarding.

    • I like the concept but it would be nice if you were able to get anything of substenance for putting so much time in there. Feels very unrewarding.

    • no

  • bad game

  • Why are the health bars for bosses not showing up in game? I have everything set to default.

  • Can anyone tell me without spoilers whether we need to clear the entire England Map Conquering to finish the main story?

    • @ok lol alright . I finished Asgard. Only jotunheim left. As of now, I finished the Suthsexe Saga

    • You have to finish England, Vinland and Norway. Asgard is just a side quest, but I recommend you to complete it, you'll understand the story better

    • @ok lol ik there's Vinland and Asgard. We need to finish those too?

    • Not just England...

  • stupid

  • Might as well have added mjolner and thor's armor to this vid since u included excalibur


  • This guy still isn't fired

  • Awesome Assassin's Creed Valhalla Video.

  • 5:29 top 10 moments taken before disaster

  • 0/10 not enough exaggerated black teens

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • this game looks great the exploration looks far better then the last AC game

  • This game is so huge and rich in content i just love everything about it im 60 hours in the game and still have like half of the map undiscovered

    • @Shawn u can if u get the double wield skill

    • I'm getting at almost 200 and haven't not even been close to end the main story

    • They left out many things about the history of Vikings. Like you cant even use a viking sword axe combo. It's either double hand swords or 2 axes. There is other points to them ignoring history but the moment they had no swords I felt it wasnt assassins Creed no longer.

    • @919dd i had the feeling odyssey's story was way better written than valhalla. I don't even feel the need to kill any of the order because they are hardly present, only in taking my dumb brother. Whereas in odyssey I wanted to destroy them all for taking my brother from my mother

    • @Aram Tapacian ⁸⁸⁸ it

  • Don't even mention Thor's hammer

    • @Alex Camacho No, but you get a massive red circle around them saying "THESE EXIST" which is enough

    • @ProdigyThirteen yes you get thor's gear from the sisters but not the mjolnir or his cloak.

    • I mean, it does, just indirectly. If you do the three sisters boss fights then you'll get an item leading you down that path.

  • With the mf timestamps too. Good looks and cool video my guy.

  • 9 secrets we missed ?? Brother we cant even play this game !! (Nostock)

    • @Mustafa şahin There is a ps4 version too, I am using it, fps are good and the graphics are beautiful

    • Guys i was talk about PS5!

    • literally every store has this game lol where tf u live

    • @Keith some of us like discs still, I only buy digital If the discs are sold out

    • Dude the store I work at have it in stock.

  • Iv missed nothing iv already 100% it 😅 kinda wish i didn't rush through it but i cant go back now

  • Webi wabo.

  • How about all the secret bugs that shitty ubisoft has right now its ridiculous they shoulda delayed it for another freaking month!!

  • Fyi there is a side quest in the game that lets you get a pet fox for your settlement

    • @That Guy the fox comes from the side quest with the kids in ravensthorpe

    • @That Guy I got it from a world quest, don't remember which one. You can probably google it though.

    • @SlizenDize wheres the fox

    • So far I've found a wolf, a fox and a cat.

    • @Sound Breakerz FYI I do, just didn't do that specific quest yet so Think before replying

  • Anyone else finding this game waaay to easy? Im playing on hardest difficulty and I'm almost falling asleep at times its so easy...

  • that it blows

  • Whats the secret to getting the game to work? I got a game breaking bug

  • 5:29 he wansnt playing bodied ya ass in 1 strike. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Asgard Questline is WAY TOO HARD to complete. Requires some leveling first. Going in there with less the 90 (or at around 45 as I was at first) is sure death. And if you don't have an autosave old enough, you can loose your save for good due to not being able to "escape" the confrontations 😅

    • too hard? i was nearly level 130 by the time i finished the second arc, and im playing on the hard difficulties

  • Cool thumbnail

  • I love the synchronization points in Sciropescire probably the best views in the game.

  • hey heres our video of secrets. Just kidding, find them yourself.

  • Love how in-game this video is, not once did he said go find an external guide for any of the collectibles.

    • "Guys there are tons of stuff you missed in Valhalla, search google!" the video


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