The Real Reason Why You Can't Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X

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This week on Generation Next, the gang discuss the rise of unscrupulous scalpers who are profiting from PS5 and Series X demand to make hundreds.
If you weren't lucky enough to secure a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S at launch, you may be going through the frustrating experience of watching for restocks and hoping you're quick enough to bag a console. What makes this process so aggravating, however, is the presence of bots--and groups that use them--that snap up all the stock in seconds and then sell them for a premium price.
We are, of course, talking about scalpers. For those familiar with the wild world of sneaker/trainer resale, you'll be intimately familiar with the difficulties of snagging a limited edition or exclusive pair before an algorithm powered bot eats up the stock. This year, however, these bots, and clandestine groups that utilize them, began to target a wider variety of highly sought after items. Most notably, Nvidia's 30 series of graphics cards have been close to impossible for the average person to buy. Naturally, Sony and Microsoft's new consoles have also become targets, with some groups snatching thousands of consoles for themselves.
On this episode of Generation Next, Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor break down what's going on with scalpers and the retail bots, as well as look at whether any of it is actually illegal, what can be done, and also their own experiences with scalping or selling hot ticket items at a premium.
00:00 - Intro
01:30 - Why you can't buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X right now
04:09 - Have you ever bought anything from a scalper?
07:42 - Is it illegal to use bots to scalp PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles?
14:30 - What can retailers do about scalpers?
21:34 - Outro


  • He totally is a scalper.

  • Bla..!!Bla..!!We all know the reasons..If you don't work for or know someone personally at Sony..Who cares..

  • Did needs to be serial the updated to the real reason why you don't want to buy an Xbox, basically overpriced gold services good job Xbox on making you buy a PS5

  • The companies are scalping there own systems and selling them those bots are Sony’s and Microsoft little inside knowledge They won’t be on shelves until next year they built a consul they can’t sell at a profit or break even so they pull this shit for a year Maybe two we will see

  • I'm not saying I support it, but what I'm saying is scalpers deserve to be robbed. They need to be punished for this fucking bs because they're hogging all the damn systems and no one can buy them! I don't care anymore what'll happen, they deserve punishment one way or another.

  • i think she can be a perfect cgi graphical version of her. Oh man i thought i am looking at a womens animated face.

  • Dont be negative

  • 1 thing retailers are crazy by allowing it they actually losing in long term as their biggest profit coming from games after sale the console itself all we got to do is wait and god please dont buy from them at the end they will got them all and noone will buy it from them as why would uou buy console from third party if you can get it from legit store

  • The solution is simple. They can bot-proof their websites like Playstation direct does!!! These PS5s on sites like Walmart are selling faster than it takes to go to a checkout screen so no human is buying any

  • If you buy from scalpers the goods are secondhand/used and are classed as such by Microsoft & Sony. As such they are NOT covered by any warranty. Caveat emptor.

  • wait them out and let them be stuck with 3000 consoles

  • Sony doesn’t care because they probably run a lot of these companies, making bigger profit than the base selling price

  • Sony should be punish for treating consumers this way make me never want a dam PlayStation

  • Scalpers gone scalp untill people stop paying about retail for it.

  • Scalp concert tickets could lead to 0 people actually attending, same with console scalps lead to 0 game purchases which damages sales and sony xbox console creation costs which is bad all round

  • They could stop online only sales to start with 😂 seeing website captcha’s only seem to cause honest users issues and not any scripts

  • Notice the background of these guys though....

  • Sony doesn't really make money on the consoles. In fact, they appear to lose money on the Digital Edition, and just break even on the disc version. That being said, Sony actually has an incentive to stop this (scalpers) from happening, because scalpers don't buy games (at least not for the consoles they intend to resell), and games are where Sony makes its money. The same could be said of the big box stores like Walmart and Target. Although its fine to sell out of consoles, your Walmarts and Targets won't see alot of games bought until more systems end up with actual consumers/end-users.

  • i was going too spend my money with Xbox but i am looking at other stuff too buy i feel like eBay and Xbox other site are part of this problem

  • Well here in Canada we only have one retailer EBGames/GameStop that even offers the Xbox all access for 40$ a month over two years and that’s the only way I could afford to get one and scalpers have ruined that, I managed to get in que once after restock and got bumped out probably by these damn scalpers using bots and it’s downright criminal.

  • I hope US make some punishment for this actions

  • Uk is making law to make ilegal scalping on Xbox and ps5 selling

  • Also these stores are Holding stock! This create demand and eyes on other items they sell!

  • They might have canceled those orders but that don't mean that's going to stop them there'will be more

  • There's a lot of loopholes in the system

  • Yeah but that person won't see no real hard time they'll just get find a bunch of fees

  • Especially if it has anything to do with the music industry

  • Yeah but at that person's got plenty of money they can just keep throwing money at it and it be okay

  • Retailers can't do nothing about it

  • I hope no one goes to steal one and it has a bomb in it hopefully that never happens

  • Some people that work at GameStop are scalpers you didn't know that

  • Some of them consoles are going to have defense because the bugs have not all been worked out

  • Yeah scalpers are scooping up cyberpunk

  • Most likely it's going to out sell the PS4 records

  • It also raises the sale records

  • In the end the company don't care as long as they get in their money

  • But from what I hear it's supposed to be 8 years

  • And then that makes them even harder to get but they keep putting them out until they reach the final contract which is however many years the life cycle for the console is

  • Once they reach there yearly quota they slowly slow down on making them

  • But Sony is only going to make so many units

  • People care but the company they work for don't care

  • I will wait and get a better version of the PS5 👍

  • Don't buy from scalpers or at marked up prices. Be patient and wait. First shipments always has issues anyway. Just wait a little bit.

  • Restock happens, scalpers buy more. No one buys from scalpers, cycle continues. I like these guys but it must nice to tell everybody to just be patient when you already have one

  • What annoys me is that people bought loads to destroy for a video and now people can’t get them.

  • Gamestop is a scalper on used consoles.

  • Guess what I got one on christmas my mom and dad got me one with 2 controllers and the new spider man game

  • I think only producers can solve this... Just put out more stock... that way the bots buy it and you have an intact demand.... rinse and repeat till their pockets are empty and the real customers are able to buy... It's a win win situation... because Sony/Microsoft both get to sell a surplus... which is the stocks that will be stuck on the scalpers back at the end...

  • Temporary stop online sells.. Make it in store only 🤔 problem solved 🙄

  • Wow they laugh and have so much fun but barley give us any information on this crap until half way into the video

  • This is pure PHILOSOPHY 😘❤️ And facts, thank you.

  • I don't know if anyone else thinks but the reason why I think scalpers are doing this because they want money or the console but they can't afford it lol (sorry I not trying to offend)


  • I say quodos to Target retailer, setting limit of 1 and in person pick up only!!! Now get Sony to get them the units to fill orders. 🙄

  • Simple Supply and Demand, STOP buying from Scalpers, Scalpers go away, problem solved

  • The real reason is cus these stores are lazy n never tell us

  • You guys have a great chemistry!

  • If it is NOT technically illegal, then...snitch the scalpers to IRS. TAX THEM!

  • Still can't find either consoles here in Australia Melbourne. I just want to save up some money for the new console

  • Hard to strike a balance for natural looking make up with decent products and that can stand filming and lights, the more lighting I use on my channel the more harder it is😍

  • Yeah but the continuation of economy expected to follow after the purchase of the system do not flourish, thus future economy suffers. I hope no one buys from scalpers

  • this is for stop follow old less

  • You want stop these people, ask them to setup a yearly psn account before they can purchase the system.

    • Yes that's it if they buy Xbox Live it's a loss for them i like that idea. 👍

  • Hostess, there is no moral quandary! Good grief. The scalpers are leeches. There is no moral quandary. Shut up with that nonsense.

  • Scalpers are evil monsters. They probably work with Kallie Plagge.

  • Goddamn scalpers smh. They need to be taken out of the equation. They need to be arrested. 🤬😠

  • It’s all because of the covid/19


  • I hope all these scalpers don't sell any of the consoles they bought and are stuck with them.


  • I'm waiting for M$ and $ony to try to cash in on this. They are seeing all these morons pay $1,000 for a console. Don't think they won't take notice. Next generation are going to be like $800 consoles.


  • She is like a youtuber version of Lydia from breaking bad ♥


  • Anyone else notice the Lady’s Series X in her room?


  • Crack on , how long to get to the actual point. WE dont care for sneakers or graphic cards. I clicked this video for news on the consoles.


  • I'm so glad I had the pleasure of buying the series X yesterday without eBay or any other resellers scum between my toes

  • What about CAPTCHA?

  • I got lucky. I joined All Access last year to have my Series X reserved. I upgraded last night, after my 12th payment.


  • 13:25 yes they could have and still can don't allow for preorders get the console the old way by going to the store non of this preordering online.

  • 7:36 LOL Nice one Editor xD

  • They should be going after Ebay and other resellers, if these sites didn’t exist scalpers won’t have places to sell their extorted products.

  • Apple had the same problem years back with scalpers buying up new iPhones. It was impossible to get a new phone in the US at launch. They solved it by selling exclusively on their site and at carrier stores all sales are linked to an individual based on their ID (driver license) and an account with their full identity. They sell only one per person and they do crazy identity checks. Sony and Microsoft should be very concerned over the horrible user experience happening now. Especially with the gaming industry not doing too well before the pandemic. Once the pandemic is over people will be even more less likely to return to gaming due to trust.

  • This video is useless to me because I got both

  • If Wal-Mart has a new Console in stock, I'm also likely to buy other items. With a Scalper there are no auxiliary side sales. Retail brick and mortar do care very much.

  • They need a limit rule on them like they had for sanitizer and wipes

  • im playing my ps2 fatal frame while waiting for xbox x restock. inwill not buy from scalpers ever

  • If I had one wish is to wish for a million wishes then the second wish would be for every scalper to disappear, the 3rd wish for a huge restock and deal with the rest but wishes cant come true since this isnt magic or sum, no new xbox for me so I'm just gonna wait

  • Look if Sony and MS can brick your system they can do this ....Buy the new console system via the app store on your current system, sell 1 console per MAC Address, home address and credit card! It's a way for these company to pay back to loyalty gamers. But beside the point all this is happing because of covid19 the stock amount is low at your local retail store. As for the retail store have a policy just like i mention before 1 console per account, home address and credit card. This may not solve the issue completely but it's a start on the right path to make things better and easier for the gamers. GAME ON !

  • Scalping should be a federal offense.

  • Its all because of impatient people who buy them for double price just to have it, just wait until these scalpers don't do this, you feed them the reason to do this

  • Im gonna use bots to get consoles and I will sell them on ebay for retail price for people because FUCK scalpers

  • Yes it is against the law its called price fixing there was a guy earlier in the year who got arrested for buying a bunch of toilet paper and hand sanitizer and selling way more than its worth

  • presented by the army wtf??

  • Yall dont call sneakers, sneakers?!?!?? Awww hell naaawwww

  • You can put your old console on its side so it feels like a new console. I still like my old console. For people that don’t have a console I’d wait. This could go on for longer. Because people could keep buying them and reselling them. Making it hard to find for a long time. But hopefully you will be eventually able to buy them in stores. At some point people will stop buying them for scalper prices. Scalpers will be forced to sell them for normal price. Because if the scalpers are holding onto a lot of stock when it does become more easy to get. Then they will have to try to unload what they have fast.

  • 1-You can sell physically in stores only 2-or sell directly through the Sony store with a PS Plus membership and then after a couple of months sell online. If Sony had done the second retailers would care a little bit more about Playstation fans.

  • Sony and microsoft should be really concerned because real consumers cant continue to purchase from their eco . The only people who have new consoles are scalpers and influencers. Both of which dont buy games

  • I think you guys may have inadvertently touched on the solution. Vigilante scalping. Use bots to buy up the inventory yourselves/ourselves and scalp for only enough to cover our costs/trouble and undermine the market making it unprofitable for the others. Fight them with their own weapons.

  • Simple solution. Don’t buy from scalpers. More will be in stock eventually.

  • So simple problem to solve: release at a much higher price, and announce before hand a schedule to gradually reduce price day by day to reach MSRP. But I think the manufactures and retailers actually loves scrappers

  • Clearly ebay is loaded with fake auctions. I loaded CL with fake sales!! People do this with Porsche 911 GT cars. It's been goin on for years.

  • Yes, its stuff that they'd deserve but cant be commonly said. Also, Im sick of the "just wait", "be patient" replies in regards to this scalper shit. Come tf on, scalpers in the UK are pulling *heists* to get PS5 stock. I am not kidding, look it up, they're raiding lorries & using a specific robbery tactic called rollover. And that's on top of scalpers pretending to be Amazon employees over the phone, pretending to be AR-oners & scamming people out of their money, having whole scalper groups, being delivery truck/van drivers & stealing consoles from them & swapping out consoles with cat food & other things, and the regular bots. So, Scalpers are snatching up consoles in 6 different ways(at the time of this reply), how tf is it fair that us legit & law abiding customers have to wait next year to get a console that's out *now.* Fuck patience. Funny how that's not a hashtag.