Elden Ring, Metal Gear Remake, And Final Fantasy 16: Our Hopes For 2021

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With 2021 upon us, the Generation Next gang discuss the games they're looking forward to playing on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 next year.

Both Xbox Series X|S and PS5 will have been out in the wild for a few months by the time 2021 kicks off, so we're sure to start seeing more and more announcements for games exclusively releasing for the new console generation. Lucy, Tamoor, and Jordan are already looking forward to the year, especially for the release of the sequel to 2018's God of War as well as the possibility of hearing about more Elden Ring and Hollow Knight: Silksong.
But let's dream big, yeah? It worked for Tamoor in his prediction that Demon's Souls would launch alongside PS5. The trio talk through their "it probably won't happen but like, what if it did" predictions for 2021, including Anthem 2.0 being surprisingly good and Bluepoint releasing a remake of the original Metal Gear Solid.
And with that, Generation Next--GameSpot's weekly show dedicated to discussing everything and anything about Xbox Series X|S and PS5--comes to a close. Y'all have been a great audience, and we'll see you in the new year with more original content. Generation Next may not return, but that doesn't preclude the possibility of something else taking its place. Stay tuned!
00:00 - Intro
00:54 - Hollow Knight: Silksong (Jordan)
03:41 - Elden Ring (Tam)
08:07 - God of War sequel (Lucy)
11:22 - More Xbox badges (Jordan)
13:13 - PS5 Game Base (Tam)
14:13 - Discord on consoles (Lucy)
15:32 - Anthem 2.0 will be good (Jordan)
18:44 - Metal Gear Solid remake by Bluepoint Games (Tam)
21:34 - Final Fantasy XVI in 2021 (Lucy)
23:27 - Outro


  • Chrono Odyssey is on top of my list.

  • Great hosts, great editing, great series - and perhaps most of all, great hair. Really hope for an evolution in 2021! And yes to Silksong - most anticipated release of the year alongside BotW 2.

  • I'm playing god of war

  • Please don’t go. 2021 hasn’t started as well as we all hoped.

  • And Silent Hill remake when?

  • I'm a simple human being, when I see Ragnarok I click

  • I really like that guy on the left.

  • Press F for Konami

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  • virtua fighter 6? a real jezzing here

  • 3:57 - 4:00 what you came for

  • I really enjoy your content, I don't like the army ....

  • Metal Gear Remake? WHAT?

  • God of war Ragnarok, Elden rings and Call of duty modern warfare 2 reboot (only for Campaign)

  • Elden ring BIG YES ...I and so many like me....just wait for.....ELDEEEEN RING!!!!!


  • God of war 2 in 2021? Yeah sure.

  • Hollow Knight... really?... ok

  • FF16 coming out in 2021, that’s definitely a long shot, but we can hope.

  • You can use Discord on Xbox, it's called 'Quarrel ' it's a bit janky but works well enough.

  • what i want is full backward compatibility with PS1, PS2 and PS3 added to PS5. that would make me ecstatic over the PS5.

  • Amd's dlss on consolds!!

  • Mery Christmas

  • Hopes for 2021: Tales of Arise, The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki, Shironeko New Project, Babylon's Fall, Monolith Soft's new RPG, Project Re Fantasy, Project Awakening, Metroid Prime 4, Bayoretta 3.

    • You forgot God of war Ragnarok

  • If they just show a trailer elden ring everyone would be satisfied for another year

  • Metal... Gear!?

  • Generation Next Hair!

  • If Metal Gear Solid remake is confirmed, I'll go back to PlayStation and buy a PS5.

  • Hollow Knight biggest game lol wtf

  • 📌FromSoft has an 'awww shit!' moment when they saw BluePoint's demon souls graphics, they have to redo it lolz! that or George RR Martin is procrastinating again haha!!

  • I love every single member from GameSpot but lately Tam is my favorite 💙 Keep up the good work guy’s & Happy Holiday’s 🎅🏼

  • MGS is my favorite game series of all time, i hope they remake the first three games .

  • Much HOPE for 2021. MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYS! Thanks for all the great work.

  • Dead channel as dead as it could be .. 4.5 mil subs u get 1 comments every 2 hours on your newest 5 vids together it shows like 10-20 people watch an hour max.. with 4.5 mil subs how is that possible.. how does the leadership still have jobs?? ill turn this ship around in a month im available

  • Tam is the funniest dude

  • Metal Gear Solid has been the best game of all times to me. I hope that, if they make a remake, they will keep the same soundtrack also, replayed and re-recorded, but they must not change it. As I hope to hear the same voice actors too. Let's hope for Mr Kojima San to be involved in the project. About GOW Ragnarok, can't wait as well!

    • @PyroSnake Thank you for the correction, Snake

    • *Hideo Kojima Sama

  • It's not even Funny anymore.. They better give us Elden Ring soon.. We know for a FACT that they can make a trailer now.. But for some reason they dont..

  • Im excited for Metal Gear 😍😍😍

  • True hollow

  • I doubt you can even imagine it. That which commanded the stars, giving life its fullest brilliance. The Elden Ring, oh Elden Ring, shattered by someone or something. Don’t tell me you don’t see it. Look up at the sky, it burns.

  • Silksong please!!!!!

  • D dog bois???

  • i'd rather have ff7 remake part 2 over any other game in 2021, prolly wont come out until 2022 tho

  • FINAL fantasy XVI i can't wait.

  • i love this show. it's always so much fun and i absolutely love this trio it made my day to know that you guys will be back together ,in some form, on 2021 thank you, Evan, Lucy, Tamoor and Jordan for making my 2020 so much better

    • Thank you for all the kind words over the course of the show, it meant a lot to me every time I read your comments!

  • Did they talk about anything Xbox related?

  • If we're gonna dream big....a single player Spider Gwen game made by Insomniac

  • MGS is my fav game series of all time. I’m hopefully nervous about a remake. If anyone can do it, it’d be bluepoint

  • I really appreciate you guys putting the time stamps on here for the people that don't have time to watch the whole thing due to time restraints 😁

  • I’m a simple man, I see Lucy I immediately click

  • Elder Ring : ... Me : PLEASE EXIST !!!

  • Tamoor, please, the innuendos.

  • But, we already have a REMAKE for the first mgs, which is Metal Gear Solid : Twin Snakes for the gamecube and it is playable in Dolphin emulator at 4k and beyond... and that game is freaking awesome. If Bluepoint is the responsible for re-remaking MGS1, I am damn sure it won't come out for PC like happened with Demon Souls

  • Search for Elden Ring on AR-one, click on Search Filters, set Upload Date to Today, repeat this process everyday until Elden Ring releases.

  • Elden Ring could potentially be the greatest game ever.

    • No games is gonna be better than metal gear lol, you probably haven't played it otherwise you wouldn't make this statement.

    • The greatest game ever without even showing a real trailer .

    • @J ooohhhhhhhh

    • I don't think I would love a game as much as bloodborne

    • @iSultan Sultangaliev I don't care it's already the greatest game ever in my head.

  • The beef between lucy and hussain is becoming my favorite thing to see. I am a Miyazaki fanboy also. Hussain when and i mean WHENEVER is it announced and we have a release date, i will wait for you to rub it on Lucy's pretty face and i will be cheering like a cheerleader and a hooligan combined together. :)

  • I can see Yoshi-P in the February FFXIV fanfest going... 'We are working on Fors(p)oken very hard, but it wil be a little late, please look forward to it! ...However, in June where we had planned for 6.0 instead you can play FFXVI because it will be out' he then drops the mic and The Primals concert starts!

  • Someone say METAL GEAR?

  • I wouldn't say that open world is something From never tried before, Demon's Souls was originally supposed to be a first person open world RPG in the King's Field series because Sony wanted an Oblivion killer, but due to loads of issues, it ended up as Demon's Souls. Elden Ring will be their second attempt at an open world game.

  • Thanks "go army" for putting up our tax dollars on this game spot video?

  • I'm a simple man. If I see Lucy James I hit the like button. If I see Kallie Plagge I hit the dislike button.

  • Can’t wait for horizon forbidden west and ghost wire Tokyo I doubt the new god of war will actually come out next year

  • God of War will get delayed

  • Playstation upload to phone - DO IT!

  • Elden Ring, Silksong, and GOW Ragnarok fill my heart with joy and hype. All aboard to the hype train

    • @Weebcat Did you really just edit the comment

    • @Comrade Catbug what sequels these are my most anticipated games to murder the hell out of my wallets

    • Don't expect a sequel to Elden Ring. Apparently Miyazaki doesn't like sequels. He didn't want to make Demon's Souls 2 so he made a new dark fantasy action RPG IP instead. He didn't want to make Dark Souls 2, so he didn't take part when another team decided to try. He wasn't originally taking part in Dark Souls 3 either, but he joined the production in early stages (Side note: Miyazaki not being there from the start made them hve to move a lot of stuff around, which contributed to make Ds3 the mess it is). He didn't want to make BloodBorne 2. He didn't want to make Sekiro 2 (even if Sekiro isn't suitable for a sequel). But you get the point. So Elden Ring might get a sequel like Dark Souls did, but I would not count on it.

  • Can't wait for the first episode of generation current ;)

  • "What was caused the destruction of the Elden Ring over here? And it's BLOODBORNE". This man's brain. I like it.

  • I cannot wait for FF16

  • 23:33 "So those are our hopes and dreams for 2021" Me: *searches Hopes and Dreams OST from Undertale*

  • Elden ring is a modern kings field

  • We all *KNOW* Elden Ring is gonna be the best game ever.

    • @J i agree. people say witcher 3 is one of the best rpg's to date but to me that game felt clunky as shit. the fighting, traversal, even the fucking WALKING MECHANICS just felt like they were never doing what i wanted them to do. aswell as that it felt like you had to grind to a certain level to fight harder enemies and bosses whilst in dark souls it was more about strategy and knowing what they were going to do, making it possible to beat some of the harder bosses/enemies early on with enough practice like the dancer of boreal in ds3 (even though shes an absolute fucking TANK) aswell as that obviously i love souls/borne game's game mechanics but fucking hell the lore behind the souls series and the scenery and level design in each game is unreal and what kept me playing

    • @J although i agree with you on witcher 3's gameplay, i think they did a very great job on the story though.

    • @KIDROCC I have 500 hours in DS3 and 400 in Sekiro. I've beaten all of their games several times. Their worst game, DS2, is still better than the Witcher 3.

    • @J picked up DS3 for my first souls game a couple months ago and have now played the entirety through twice and the first once. its absolutely insane the amount of depth/replayability

    • @J FACTS

  • half life 3 otw

  • Surprised MGS: Twin Snakes wasn't mentioned, since it was the first remake.

  • I love this show - all those damn AR-one ads! Also Lucy is quite possibly the most perfect human being..... EVER

  • It's pointless to have a remake of Metal Gear Solid, because people want to forget about the Nintendo GameCube version.

  • that girl is too beautiful !

  • Elden Ring 💍 PS5 exclusive

    • Its not Tho... Its coming to PC, PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X

  • Metal Gear Remake only if David Hayter returns

    • I don’t think I could play it if he’s not the voice. Snake isn’t snake without DH. That first line “This is snake” won’t be the same without him

  • They sell Elden ring here?

  • My biggest hope is that the rumor of a new souls style castlevania ends up being true, platinum will show whatever the fuck they're working on, and lost soul aside returns to the public

    • That would be the coolest thing ever but I don't think it's true.

  • Elden Ring and MGS remake are the only games i'm really excited for...I hope the rumors are true!

    • @J Found the troll in every comment section.

    • @J lol

    • @Lucifer Morningstar I mean every single entry in the series since Snake Eater. Edit: not including snake eater

    • @J By bad you mean Survive right?

    • MGS has been bad for so long. Idk how that series still has fans.

  • God of War 2 and FF 16 are 2022 games there not out next year expect delays LUCY! Delays are going to happen no matter what.

  • Generation Dunk

  • MGS pc port + remaster or remake ?

  • not funny

  • Skywind and Elden ring are the two games I am looking forward to

    • And not to mention Skyblivion :)

  • If final fantasy 16 is 'our hope for 2021' than 2021 is going to be a shit year

  • Oooooooooooooooooooohh

  • Tamoor looks like Neil Drukman

  • Does Lucy have an onlyfans I want to see some skin.

  • "I bench like 30 tams?" thames? the candy Tim tams? I'm confused, I'm sorry

    • @lileze182 No worries, and thank you for the kind words! Makes me happy to hear you loved the show =)

    • @Evan Langer that's my bad! I LOVED this series, you did such a great job

    • Haha, sorry, Tam like Tamoor’s! Dude loves injecting his name into anything, I thought I’d give it a shot

  • I just hope doesn't block the mgs remake for Series X. I used to play PS till 3. But I stopped gaming for a while and bought series X. I really want more people to experience this series :(

  • Love the show... Hope to see more of u 3... Like u said, the edits make the jokes even funny.. Thanks Evan for that...

    • I’m glad you enjoyed all my nonsense, and thank you for watching!

  • Oooooohhhh elden ring

  • silk song looks great, I hope it isn't as long.....the original is just way too long

  • Really like the chemistry of these 3

  • I really wanna see a new legacy of Kain game

  • Dont forget to try out all important mechanics

  • I am a simple man. I see Elden Ring, I click.

  • Bravely Default 2, looks good, great developer feedback. A working demo. Safer bet than a lot of games we've had hype for but ultimately let down with in the recent past.