PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Accessibility Features Explained

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What accessibility features do the PS5 and Xbox Series X have, and how far has the industry come in improving accessibility in games?
Improvements to accessibility in games has become more of a focus in recent years, and thankfully great strides have been made in opening up our favourite hobby to many more people who require additional considerations to enjoy their experiences.
From studios with in-house Accessibility Consultants, to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, to the system level features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X & S, gaming is more accessible than ever. We spoke to Steve Saylor about what accessibility means and the progress the industry has made in improving it.
Rod Fergusson on developing for accessibility within Microsoft Game Studios:


  • I watched fucking 4 ads in a 10 min video. Fucking AR-one.

  • If you play LOU2 you probably are disabled

  • It would be great to see Unreal and Unity add native support for stuff like this so that it's easier for indie devs to make their games accessible without it being costly to the point where other parts of the game may suffer

  • Ok this is stupid. I get accessibility but the critiques are ridiculous.

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  • If Xbox had actual good exclusives I’d play it but for now it shall remain as my PS5 stand


  • This brings joy to my heart! It’s good to know that the gaming companies are reaching out to more gamers who need these kind of accessibility. 🥲👏

  • I think there should be an Accessibility Ranking body similar to PEGI and ESRB, which gives individual games an accessibility ranking that is printed on the physical box/digital store letting everyone not just disabled users know of how accessible a game is. Improving accessibility makes games better for all

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  • Useful video topic for new, next-gen consoles, cheers 👏

  • Really enjoyed the video. I would suggest watching game makers toolkit on his series on accessibility options.

  • My wifey is blind so im always fascinated by the progressive tools and apps being developed for people like her. Means alot

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    • @Soul Extractor I mean, the glasses do look cool

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  • I can’t wait to not buy a PS5 when they’re more readily available again.

  • For someone who is visually impaired/blind having text to speech options in the menus and large and bold text, and magnification or zoom in options is very important for us gamers.

  • Where you at PlayStation with accessibility where you at Sony?

  • My god the way he jumps off that building tho, gives me goosebumps

  • yea but we still need accessible controls for sony/ps5

  • I would like to see a blind person play something

  • AS a person with a disability im finding it harder to play games but the advance of technology gives me hope 😀

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  • Yes there a lot of improvements

  • sony doesnt care about the disabled.

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  • So the Series X is $200 more than the digital and if GamePass is so good but he has no clue that PS Now is cheaper and has more games. Fact.

    • @Nero Walker dude I can get EA Play on my PlayStation. And I'm sorry to tell you but not to far in the future that Microsoft will make a streaming stick and app then put their games on Nintendo & PlayStation then it's a wrap for the Xbox console.

    • you have never used gamepass, have yoU? overall quality of games in gamespass is way better, gamepass ultimate has ea play service with multiple aaa ea games, x cloud and gold included, available on multiple platforms like pc android. game pass without doubt is the best value gaming service in the industry(oh and it has disney+ and some anime thing for limited time)

  • Where can we find out more information about the Disability Tax?

  • This video is awesome, gaming should be for everyone. I'm glad to see these companies developing more and more features. Is your turn Nintendo!

    • Agreed, gaming should be available to all. I am glad that the industry is taking steps to make it easier for this but there is a lot more to do. Hopefully each console platform pulls together in the same direction

  • I love that accessibility is finally getting the spotlight. As someone who is paralyzed on the right side, not all disabilities are the same. I don't think its fair to call the disc based PS5 a $100 disability tax. A digital purchase has the huge benefit to play and switch games quickly and independently. Depending on your physical disability, taking a disc out and putting it into a console can be a huge barrier in its self. You end up needing a care giver just to change the game. Its like saying Microsoft's adaptive controller is a $100-$200 tax. For me, Xbox is the most accessible platform. Right now what is missing from Sony is opening up official controllers to be more shape , sizes, and button/stick positions beyond the decades old dual shock. Relying on over priced unofficial controllers and adapters isn't a good solution for us. Their quality is often terrible and if you do find one that is good, there is always a risk that the console will get and update and the device will stop working.

    • That's totally a fair comment, and I agree that it's a very nuanced situation. My hope is that the video shows that each platform comes with its own benefits and drawbacks across the whole range of its hardware and software experience, and that while overall progress has been made - and that's great - we can hope for a future where everyone has the opportunity to play everything.

  • Game Pass is absolutely amazing for everybody and people who have to claim disability don't have much money to spend. A lot of people can't afford multiple 70$ USD games a year but with Game Pass it becomes possible

    • @Robbie Pullan yeah man it's the same for me without being passed I would have never thought to try those games

    • @Alec Brillon definitely is enough for me as well, as someone who owns a huge amount of games including a lot that are already on game pass, I am still amazed by the amount of games I had never checked out that I already love. In the past month alone I've played dishonoured 2, both ori games, forza horizon 4 and jedi fallen order now ea play has been added. Plus I agree with your original point, seems like a great way for disabled gamers to try out titles without having to do research beforehand and potentially losing money on a game they aren't able to play.

    • @Sellinga coerwa I mean all of Xbox Studio games will be there day one and all of the zenimax games so for me personally I think that would be enough and I know there will be some games that I will buy that won't be on Game Pass

    • @Sellinga coerwa It's funny now that you mention it, this video seems to be skewed to one side of the table a bit in terms of hardware companies. Everyone who games especially if you are a core or hardcore gamer, you try to always by physical because you enjoy collecting the games and its usually easy to get your money back within a week if the games release.

    • If you think everything is going be on game passes you're going to be seriously dissatisfied, like the pay channels (netflix, showtime extreme etc..) most media of serious merit isn't on there or won't be there until a long time after it's release. And, most of the games on game pass you will be shocked to find you already own them, assuming you have been adding the free monthly games your already paying for to your library each month and no casuals adding to your library is not downloading it.

  • I respect this video and showing how video games is the great equalizer. The only issue I had was the topic of a "disability tax", the business model of digital only was not exclusively designed to affect disabled individuals. Just because something is unfair to a particular group doesn't make it biased. The industry is constantly evolving and technology has come a long way. In the 90s accessibility would be extremely cumbersome because look at stuff like the Sega ring controller, that would have been great for someone in a wheelchair or limited mobility but the tech wasn't good enough. Articles like this need to do a better job of explaining the whole story and not just saying people with disabilities play games too. I'm disabled and never thought that some games could have options to make it easier to play and I see a bonus not a right.

    • @Jerolyn1 I agree that it's an attention-grabbing statement, but I feel that's intentional on Steve's part as he's looking to illustrate how something that most people don't have to think about can have a dramatic impact on someone who has accessibility requirements. As Steve says, I feel like the best result for everyone would be for Sony to update their outdated refund t&cs to account for things like accessibility - that way things become much more fair for everyone.

    • @Mr. West It's not just about the cost though, look at tech in the last 30 years. You have a breakthrough to mass market, then fine tuning for niche demographics. EXAMPLE GPS: it helps people navigate without the need of a physical map, now apps like Google maps, you can change language, set up easier ways to view it, have it give you more details about where you are, those are accessibility features, they aren't just marketed as such. Honestly gaming until about 2006, was very hard or impossible for disabled people to play games.

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  • I got motion sickness so motion blur, contrast and depth of field are very big pluses for me.

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  • Hadn't heard of Can I Play That, will definitely be checking it out as a disabled gamer.

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