PS5 And Xbox Series X: Fixes, Improvements, And Error Codes

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We've had the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles for just over a month, and while there were widespread reports of issues, have the teething problems been fixed?
We've been in the "next console generation" for a little over a month now, considering Xbox Series X|S released November 10 and PS5 launched November 12. Guess we should start referring to the new consoles as the current generation, huh? Still sounds weird though, to be honest.
In the weeks following their launch, Xbox and PlayStation have released updates for their respective new consoles, ranging from bug fixes to quality of life adjustments. Even Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are hard to find, at least both Microsoft and Sony have shown a commitment to improving the experience on their consoles for those who do happen to have one.
Several games have received significant upgrades on the new consoles as well, such as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Borderlands 3. It all pretty much boils down to 4k support at 60fps but a few titles have received other notable improvements, such as splitscreen co-op and 120fps.
On this episode of Generation Next, Lucy, Tamoor, and Jordan go over all of this. The Gen Next crew is thankful that it hasn't run into any major issues with their Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles just yet--hopefully their luck extends into 2021.
00:00 - Intro
00:54 - PS5 DualSense USB charging fixed
02:26 - Next-Gen game patches (Miles Morales, Borderlands 3, etc.)
05:49 - PS5 stability issues (game crashes, cloud saves, etc.)
10:47 - Xbox Series X/S Update (Auto HDR, Badges, etc.)
13:24 - Outro


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  • I had a recent problem with my PlayStation trying to run Cyberpunk where it explodes and burns my house down , Sony may need to fix this with a patch

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  • happy holidays, another great episode funny as always, enjoy watching these gaming video updates, keep up good work, any more next generation console available, series, S, X, playstation 5? digital versions?

  • Totally agree with Lucy on the Terry's Chocolate Orange reference.

  • Lloyd Christmas: What are the chances of a ps5 like you and a girl like me... ending up together? PS5: Not good. Lloyd Christmas: Not good like one in a hundred? PS5: I'd say more like one in a million. Lloyd Christmas: So you're telling me there's a chance?

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  • I'm having an issue with my series x dropping connection with my mobile hotspot within a few minutes of online multiplayer play. The hotspot works flawlessly however with my xbox one. I've tried everything and so pretty sure it's a firmware problem with the series x wireless hardware. I've heard a few others have had this issue as well on a reddit post.

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  • Since moving back over to Windows 10 for gaming (after having been on Mac OS and Linux for nearly 20 years), it's CRAZY how poor (crap actually) error-logging in these "megalithic" systems is. On *Nix systems, every app writes copious amounts of errors that make debugging fairly easy if you can Google, but on Windows, tech support always starts off with: "Have you tried reinstalling Windows?" WTF??? We're not trying to pin-down corruption in Congress, just find out why "Game Ready" drivers aren't working. Consoles since Wii U/ PS4 / XBox One, have had similar levels of opacity (deniability) about what's going wrong. You know when you call Playstation support, and they want to know # 1 how far you live from a nuclear power plant, & #2 if you are circumcised, that something has gone seriously wrong in the debugging dept.

  • Tam is the star 😎

  • Dealing with coil whine on PS5 😭

  • Do you have any updates for the PS5 error CE-108255-1?

  • I have had my PS5 for over a month now played both spider man games had no issues. I am not sure what the hell you guys are on about issues I am sure you are guys are making up this issues to get views.

    • Are you crazy? Have you not seen the videos of spiderman as a lamp post?

    • Bugs and errors in console games are very situational. Some get some, some get none, some get many. My Cyberpunk 2077 runs fine for example, while a friend of mine has millions of bugs. We both play on PS4 Pro

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  • My series x crashes when playing resident evil 7 unfortunately

  • I have had a terrible SONY Customer Experience, been waiting for almost 4 weeks for my replacement console and have no clear update from Sony. I have called them and waited for hours on the phone, they just send a note on the system, I receive an email saying we are sorting it out and they disappear for weeks with no updates... very disappointed with Sony CS.

    • For the players.

  • Did you notice that you can charge the official PS5 controller and headphone on either front ports but for some unknown reason these same front ports DON'T CHARGE anything else, including PS4 controller and headphone ???! Why it only charge the official PS5 stuff and just don't work for some thing else while the console is in rest mode ?! I hope that Sony fixes this. Thanks.

  • 2024 or 2025 will be when I buy a ps5 and xbsx can't wait 🤣🤣

  • These systems just seem to have been built to work for every other game except next gen games aside from looking slightly better, compared to previous generations with sixaxis dragons and giant crabs.

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  • Playing GOW unpatched (since it's the only way to get 4K@60Hz) but the console keeps trying to download and install the latest updates, even if you deactivate the functionality in the console settings. Well, in case you inadvertently start playing the patched version of the game then it won't be possible to go back to the vanilla version that will inevitably crash the moment the loading starts.

    • @Diego i dont play online games, only single player games. I wouldn't have that problem.

    • @isthislife2 Yes that's the way to go no doubts even if every now and then you might feel the need to go back online for some reason.

    • Can't you turn off the internet completely?

  • Why gamespot website not rating call of sea yet?

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  • I really love this Podcast. Such a good team. You guys are all very well informed, and make the Podcast so much fun and entertaining. Thank you.

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  • That opening from the three of them was the single most uncomfortable I've ever been watching a video.

    • @James probably because they're not working in their studios anymore, it resulted in the quality of their videos dropping

    • Agreed, these GS vids have become awful of late

  • So what all of this means that WE pay for a product that does not work..... "The kinks still need to be worked out" 😜 Lets pay for a car that doesn't turn, it goes off and stops running randomly 👌👍 Perfect lets all buy it.


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  • I still can’t put mine in rest mode

  • Crashes on Miles? Dang I've never had that lol but mines does crashes on COD lol

  • Thumbs up but only for Tamoors innuendos.

    • He’s a great follow on Twitter, if you’re not following already, you’re welcome.

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  • These episodes are always good fun. These guys know their stuff but would also be great company in the pub.

  • Cam u help me to hide the timer box when we start capturing a video in ps5.. Its very annoying specially if u play games like ac valhalla...

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    • there was nothing wrong with the review.

    • @Dog On Dog Action spot on point mate ! Gamespot isn’t what it used to be. Give the a game a low score but justify it. No one cares about kallie s gender. Even if a giraffe did a review like that it’s still unacceptable. If an incomplete game should be criticised then an incomplete review by an incompetent person is also bound to criticism.

    • They can defend a review like that, because they are delusional millenals, who are not willing to take responsibility. GameSpots Cyberpunk 2077 review was a mess for all the wrong reasons. No one is saying that the game deserves a 10/10. What people were saying was that the reviewer fucked up by ignoring important parts of the game and then complaining about other aspects of the game, which required the missing parts. But now everyone, who says that Kallie Plagge did a horrible job is a a nazi, who is practicing targeted harassment or some shit. As I said, these people are not capable of taking responsibility for anything. It's also kinda ironic, because it's those people, who complain about Donald Trump doing everything wrong... but as soon as you point out what they do wrong, you're a sexist racist homophobe. It's absolutely ridiculous that these people have a platform like this.

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