9 Things We Want In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

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A sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is confirmed to be coming, so we take the time to look back at the series as a whole and think about what we'd want to see from the next installment.
We don't know much about the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild--we still don't even have a name for it yet. After releasing an announcement trailer for the game during E3 2019, Nintendo went radio silent. We'll hear more about the game once Nintendo is ready, but there's no indication of how soon that might be.
In the meantime, it's always fun to speculate and talk about what we hope to see in the new game. In the video above, Max Blumenthal details nine dreams for the Breath of the Wild sequel, ranging from who we want to play as to where we hope the game is ultimately set. It would be pretty cool to see the return of notable Legend of Zelda enemies and allies as well.
If you haven't yet seen the announcement trailer for Breath of the Wild's sequel, it's worth checking out. The trailer seems to imply that at least part of the game will take place in an underground-looking setting or perhaps a more traditional Legend of Zelda dungeon environment. You can also see Link and Zelda working side by side as opposed to Link soloing the adventure and Zelda tagging along as a disembodied voice. The withered husk of what looks like Ganon is present as well, as is imagery and sounds that may suggest a connection to the events and characters of Twilight Princess--one of the many Legend of Zelda games referenced in Breath of the Wild. But, admittedly, that's all conjecture.
Like we said before, we don't really know anything about this game other than that it exists. So what are your hopes and dreams for Breath of the Wild's sequel? Leave your answers in the comments section below.
0:00 Intro
0:24 Partnerable Zelda
0:56 Bring Back Traditional Items
1:14 Nero Mechanics?
1:35 Bring Back Traditional Dungeons
1:56 More Story Focus
2:50 New Explorable Areas
3:19 Swimming Upgrades
3:45 Return The Darknut
4:05 Pet Dogs
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  • We want to be able to pet dogs in the next botw

  • I am vehemently apposed to making Zelda a multiple player game or playing as Zelda even in the slightest. I've been playing it for 35 years that would not be a Zelda game. Save that for the spin-off games like Hyrule warriors. I would like to see the breaking of weapons removed and replaced with some of the core original weapons and shields as mentioned. Replace it with an upgrade system either by rubies through purchase or foraging for items kinda like the great fairies upgrade your clothes. I'm not apposed to the degrading of the weapons just not complete removal. I would rather see blacksmiths enter the game and you can go and have your weapons resharpened or foraging for stones for sharping. I don't like the idea of caring around 5+ sords 5+ bows 8+ shields too fake no way you're carrying all that around. Buying cookbooks or just havening one to keep recipes in so as to not forget what made what.

  • Sailing and underwater exploration. Keep the story just as minimal.

  • GameSpot: Bring back traditional Zelda dungeons Nintendo: Puts a traditional water dungeon Everyone: You weren’t supposed to do that!

  • I think it’s a good sign that Nintendo has been keeping things secret lately. Their last few games were announced just a few months or weeks before they were released

  • I really hope that there are still windbombs or any glitches that were in botw

  • I just want the game is all😂

  • Another thing I want to see in botw 2 is dark link BUT AS A GOOD GUY FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE!!!!

  • What would might be good or make sense is if link still has the champions abilities but if the creators decided to remove the abilities the only thing that I can think of that would make sense is that link is stripped of the champions abilities and therefore kinda back to square one

  • 1. A release date

  • Who decided these things ?? xD

  • I’d love a suit that would make paraglide faster, too!

  • I just finished BotW like 10min ago. After playing almost 150h putting the final part of the main quest on hold I finally decided to just go fight Ganon. Well I was super disappointed after I defeated him and the credits rolled that you can't go back to playing after completing that quest. You can only go back to your last save but the "defeat Ganon" quest will remain incomplete. So for the sequel I wish that we can explore and get more side quests after completing the main quest.

  • What I want from BotW 2 1. Release date 2. New trailer at least 3.

  • Thousands of hours.

  • DUNGEONS PLEASE. the divine beasts were really cool but we need more in depth longer dungeons with mini bosses & small keys and the boss room key THAT'S Legend of Zelda

  • Is there a „Pet-the-dogs“ Petition? Where can I sign up?

  • Zelda is not a damsel in distress, she fucken keep Ganon from getting out of the castle for 100 yrs...

  • They should add new monsters and minibosses

  • (Chants quietly) Possessed link. Make him the villain

  • Don’t say “we” you’ve got no idea what I want man

  • Zelink, more hints at future King Link like Kass hinted at, world-building, life or death situations and cool action! :D

  • I had no idea who you were but I’m glad I clicked

  • I don’t think the story was that bad I wish they had explored it more! As for Zelda that would be cool to be playable but make a game for that like they did peach or how you can switch to her. Link is and should always be the main focus of the story and heroism

  • I hope it plays in Lowrule, I'd love that. And I hope they don't put crafting in it. All the work with the cooking and clothing was enough for me.

  • It would be cool if they added the twilight realm as a separate area and termina as a parallel world, so more side quests can be available

  • I’d like more immersion into the world in regards to my home/living situation. If I’m pouring 200 hours into a game give me more customization and creature comforts. I have all these rupees with nothing left to buy! Dammit let me buy a Royal Jacuzzi or a Goron massage table for my home. And - new locations! And...cats!

  • New Zelda games feel way too easy

  • I think in regards to exploring the same Hyrule again, there's plenty they can do to make it fresh. Bring back pieces of heart and scatter them around the world, let us explore underwater areas like Lake Hylia, let us go to parts of the map we couldn't do before, have areas rebuilt that were destroyed in BOTW, and introduce underworld areas as well

  • I wish this game have version in xbox one cos I really love dis when I have nentendo 64 in my young age and I only have xbox one s I don't want to invest Mony on buying switch cos it's pricey and it's more like mobile phone in terms of graphics in game.

  • Want more paya.. clearly zelda isn't going to give anything to link.. and miphas dead... atleast she likes him

  • I really dont want age of calamity to be meaningless. The characters are all so wonderful and bringing them together reminded me of the normandy crew or the avengers. Also, one on one fight with ganonDORF please.

  • Yes pet dog


  • Please don't waste single player dev time on multiplayer and online - theres enough of that out there.

  • More simple and intuitive controls. A way to skip some repetitive dialogues. More resistant weapons...

  • Please no more breakable weapons

  • More like Genshin Impact.

  • recently got a switch in just gonna wait for the sequel instead of getting the first one

    • @StealthNinja just save money i guess it’s coming out in a few months probably so i’d rather just have the newest one

    • Why? Youll miss out on the first game, and you can play it while you wait for the second.

  • Zelda already is more than a 'damsel in distress'. She doesn't need to become playable just because its 2021 and everyone has to be equally represented in everything now. The Legend of Zelda games have basically always been about Link's journey and nothing needs to change about that imo. Im not missing out on anything because Link is the only playable character.

  • How about good combat? I have never seen a Zelda game with good combat.

    • @Mr Manatee No offense,but if you think that then you don't know what good combat is.

    • BOTW had good combat

  • Climbing in the rain (or clothes that make it possible) Permanent or at least more durable weapons Dungeons with specific weapons The hookshot!!! Botw is amazing though so even if it is more of the same it'll still be great.

  • imagine if botw 2 copied some features in genshin impact

    • Probably copy the character switching but they already done that ages ago in the Hyrule Warrior games

  • If they made a battle royale zelda it would be call bots of the wild

  • I would hope the weapons won’t break on the second BOTW

  • Fully customizable button layout/controls. As someone who grew up with PlayStation and now lives on PC, the controls are pretty shit and counter intuitive

  • サムネのリンク身体が剣で出来てそう

  • I disagree with almost every thing you guys said with all due respect

  • Breath of the wild was/is such an amazing game.

  • If the weapons can break in botw 2 the game should let us repair damaged weapons with ores o a nd stuff

  • 3d

  • What is that horse @3:06? xD I know of The Lord of the Mountain, Stalhorse and Giant Horse, but never about Crystal Horse :3

  • 1. We actually don't want that... at all. Did you make this video with your big armed girlfriend holding your nuts while you typed? I play with Zelda on Smash and I play with Peach on all multiplayer mario games so I am not some woman hating basement dweller... But fuck man, the entire basis of the game is save her. No one is asking for Mario to ditch his hat for a fedora and no one is asking for Nintendo to fuck up the formula in its best game. Besides... Sheik.

  • ad more detail to mipha and link

  • This is what I would like 1. Random dungeons (Fitting BOTW, these dungeons would be scatted through the map that you can randomly come across and complete and like the original games, each have their own unique boss, style, and reward. There would be at least one dungeon in each region such as desert, volcano, snowy mountain, badlands etc.). 2. Longer weapon durability ( Weapons last longer) 3. Return of some enemies. (Since BOTW 2 looks to have a more darker tone, I would like to see enemies such as the redeads and darknuts to make a return). 4. More towns. (Since link defeated Calamity Ganon and guardians aren’t a much of a threat anymore (I think) people begin to rebuilt and found new towns). 5. New weapons (I would LOVE to see katanas and dual swords).

  • I like The New dungeons

  • Pls don't change things about a game that is already perfect.

  • A release date!

  • Link and Zelda this expected game will be my bit@@!!!. 🔥 Head The Play🔥💥

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Elden Ring...

  • Something for climbing in rain, it can be a weapon, an outfit, a special permanent obtainable boost, a potion, one of the divine beast powers - just at least one option

    • Same here, people are actually against climbing in the rain, they say "It's fun and forces you to use other paths!" How can I use other paths when I'm stuck on a cliff!

    • i enjoyed the mechanic of having to make a fire and sleep out the rain

    • So many times I've planned out where I'm going and then glide to a mountain to start climbing. Mid glide it starts raining and spoils allll the fun.

  • I wan't they nerf Lynel

  • Judging by the trailer... they’re bringing back hard as hell temples and dungeons, and I’m talking Water Temple hard. One can hope

  • Zelda breath of the Wild 2 on the Switch pro. Please i need this in my life!!!

  • Overall I want a darker tone and inspiration from Majora's Mask. Make exploration more dangerous but also more rewarding. I also think we need some unique dungeons.

  • And I would also definitely want it to have a more dark vibe, like Majora's Mask

  • number 1: INFORMATION

  • Nintendo : We made BOTW, a full New Zelda, a revolution of the Zelda Games, nothing's gonna be like before GameSpot: We WaNt Old FuNcTiOnNaLiTiEs BaCk 🤦‍♂️

  • My top three choices would be more traditional dungeons, bigger cities and villages and more emphasis on story.

  • After surviving Cyberpunk 2077 all I wanted to say is take all the time you want Nintendo.

  • Awsome vídeo!

  • A couple of these suggestions go against what BOTW was setting out to do, like they missed the point of the game

  • Yes I agree. I would love to to see zelda, and even the champions to be playable characters, AI controlled and multiplayer, it would make the puzzle solving more fun and interesting. Heck yeah, with classic items, and even dungeons. I would also love to see more landmarks, and underground areas that connect to previous main Zelda title games.

  • I would love if they added Online Multiplayer/ Co-op. And let you pick which race or tribe you want to be apart of for Example Gorgon ,Human ,Zora. The World is to Big just to be link. They Have many examples Already. Gta, ESO, Tera. As Long as its not repetitive like some of those examples and give your character different quest and Customizations and it’s own story fighting Ganon or the yiga clan or whatever they think of it’s so much money to be made honestly I’m surprised they haven’t done this already. Plus they can even make it into it’s own thing or bake it into Botw 2 or 3 at the main menu if they make a third one. They can literally make it like gta where you load in your main story then jump online with everyone else . Nintendo Please use this idea🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you can make billions from this.

  • The story is definitely getting more of a focus in BoTW 2. BoTW's story happened a hundred years ago. This one is happening now.

  • The shrines were some of the best things about the game

  • 1. Weapons that don’t break (absolutely killed the first game for me)

  • I want a Craft & Repair feature, were if a weapon breaks you can repair it or craft some type of weapons. Like Elemental Weapons. Example: For a Flame Blade you'll a Ruby, 5 Fire Chuchu Jelly, and a Rusty sword

  • My list: 1. more enemies, not just recolors with more HP, bring some classic enemies the series is known for; the dark tone makes the game perfect for some reintroductions 2. more weapon variants and tools, including some traditional magic, the Sheikah can't have been the only form of intelligence 3. better swimming and diving, bring a new "breath" to the open world with a fully explorable underwater.

  • Playable Zelda is honestly the last thing I want

  • How did you jump like that at 1:40?

    • I think you can do this by normally jumping by hitting X, equipping a shield, then holding ZL + X.

  • Wholeheartedly agree on all nine of these! Thanks for putting this together. I hope Nintendo is watching and taking notes!!

  • Cats (as pets or in the wild). There were no cats in the first botw, even though there were a lot of other animals

  • I would love a cook book with a tracker to cook all the recipes.

  • I want to see unbreakable weapons and shields and bows...thats it.

  • I want to see you can clam an bear and ride it aka I mean when I say clam I mean same of the horses but you can do it with a bear...

  • So huryle warriors age of calamity isn’t the sequel?

    • No, its not

  • Ive done all 120 shrines in BotW plus the champions ballad, and they did start to feel a bit same-y. I'd appreciate more Npc related quests rather than just exploring to find the shrines. If 20 out of 120 had to be activated via town sidequest or kass, and at least 50 had an NPC related puzzle activated at the location. I wouldnt have as much of a problem.

  • all i want is "MORE WAIFUS"

  • Unbreakable weapons that's it

  • I'd really like coop. Such a great experience that my only regret was not being able to play it with family. But please nothing god awful like tying p2 to p1's camera or something

  • It would be nice if your horse was always in range of a whistle instead of having to go to a stable every time it gets left behind

  • More unbreakable weapons, not too many just a few to make them special and to have more space in your inventory for others

  • Pets, not only dogs. Spearrow, Eagles, Horses, Goats, Dogs, Wolf Link...

  • I think part of the new parts of the map to discover could maybe including somewhere above the clouds, may be accessed by latching onto one of the dragons

  • I will say that idea of having zelda as a partner is something refreshing for this series , having her be like elizabeth in bioshock or being able to switch between ai control and player control on her would be fun especially for puzzles in dungeons or just even having parts of the game where its just her or even her saving link and getting him out of jams would be cool. Also who wouldn't want to see that booty instead of links backside XD

  • Number 1: a release date

  • Even if it's an expansion, I want to be able to keep playing in BOTW world AFTER beating Gannon. Even if the whole thing is one giant mre complicated Terry Town.

  • No super easy breakable weapons.......................

  • Link needs more sword swinging animations‼️