Call Of Duty’s Most Broken Guns PART 2

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We've returned with more of Call of Duty's most broken guns! In our previous list, Richie Bracamonte went over many of broken guns featured throughout the series' long history. Some were silly and barely functional, and remembered for how poorly they performed. This time, Richie returns with only the most overpowered broken weapons picked by our viewers. These guns are infamous for their destructive power are most were subject to a much-needed patch in order to rebalance the multiplayer experience.
Even though patching and/or "Nerfing" a weapon is commonplace today, a handful of these guns are still fan-favorites for their competitive edge, and some would say that they're still broken. Shotguns such as Black Ops III's 205 Brecci, Modern Warfare's 725, and of course Modern Warfare 2's iconic 1887s (featured in Part 1) all had above-average ranges. In the submachine class, contenders like World at War's MP40 and MW3's MP7 hit hard and fast. They also featured quick times to kill and high fire rates. In some cases, guns like the MP5 are broken in nearly every game they're featured it.
In our review of Cold War, Kallie Plagge explains how "The Cold War setting allows for a lot of variety from one map to the next, which helps the limited slate feel richer; a highlight in terms of aesthetic are Miami's neon-soaked streets. Each core 6v6 map balances close-quarters spaces with long-range sightlines, and in my experience, they mostly translate well from one mode to the next."
00:00 - Intro
00:19 - MP40 (World at War)
00:55 - FR 5.56 Shotgun (Modern Warfare)
01:43 - Sniper Rifles (Black Ops 2)
02:25 - MP7 (Modern Warfare 3)
03:15 - FAL OSW (Black Ops 2)
03:51 - Famas (Black Ops 1)
04:21 - ACR 6.8 (MW2 & MW3)
05:05 - M16 and AUG (Cold War)
05:52 - 725 Shotgun (Modern Warfare)
06:35 - MP5 (Modern Warfare & Cold War)
07:19 - VMP (Black Ops 4)
08:05 - AS-VAL (Modern Warfare)
09:01 - Proteus Shotgun/Sniper (Infinite Warfare)
09:47 - Fennec (Call of Duty Mobile)
10:10 - 205 Brecci Shotgun


  • Hey guys, Richie here! Thank you all so much for watching! I had a great time making this and hope ya enjoy it. Also, I appreciate all your comments from part 1! They made this list possible. :)

    • @Rodrigo V Y play PS4 PRO

    • @Rodrigo V Hey Rodrigo! Some games are impossible to get lobbies in like COD4 and MW2, but if you're willing to wait some time, you can eventually get a lobby going for WaW, MW3, BO1-3 and anything newer. I have decent luck with hackers and don't run into them much. But it happens most in MW2 and BO2. But once you get a game going it's pretty great! (Minus all the noob tubing)

    • Are you still getting pretty solid lobbies on these older games on Xbox or do you run into hackers more often? I just got a One X on a bargain and I’m pretty pumped to jump back into these games

    • @Valentin De Germanie Excellent choices!

    • PPSH 41 in ww2 , anachronism VPM in BO4 , and overpower Man o War in BO3

  • War zone = DMR

  • Me hearing the dsr shoot gave me goosebumps

  • I saw the brecci and I just remembered all the rage moments oh my gawd

  • Wheres the BRUEN pre nerfm

  • the vesper in BO3

  • M16 COD4 😋

  • Xmc from bo3 prenerf, literally 3 bullets from any range and it was SMG

  • Mp5 isn't broken its just so reasonable thats why it won't be broken

  • vmp was broken in bo3 as well.

  • even after the nerfs the val is just overpowered, i play on pc(mouse and keyboard) so recoil isn’t an issue for me, so i have the highest damage i could possibly get and it shreds long medium and close range... honestly that gun is so unfair lol

  • Ak47 codm

  • MSMC CoD BO ll

  • I'm surprised the micro mg from bo4 wasn't on here

  • Thank god game spot isn’t like watch mojo. They’ve actually played the game, make the list reasonable / give reasons for spots, and act like a normal person

  • The most broken gun... is the person behind it.

  • are just going to forget about the asm1

  • ASM10 on Call of Duty Mobile is busted 🥴

  • the Mac 10 is just to broken in nuketown

  • XMC from BO3

  • Yo the ak 74 u is broken in cold war

  • To me it is definitely the SPR-208 from Modern Warfare 2019 That gun was absolutely disgusting Compared to other sniper rifles and Marksman rifles like that KAR98k Equipping all the speed attachments and the subzero sniper scope or variable sniper scope which let me remind you was SUPPOSED to reduce the ADS speed SOMEHOW makes the ADS speed EVEN FASTER than all Marksman rifles and sniper rifles in the entire game! it's near instant! Seriously if you are in the crosshairs of this weapon you're instantly destroyed there are a majority of people trying to defend this gun saying that it's not overpowered well..majority of the community are using this gun so there's something wrong with it

  • In Cold War the qbz-33 is the best assault rifle

  • NGL the akimbo fennec broke cod mobile so much that the AR-oners actually didn't play the game for a while

  • And the Vesper from BO3 before nerf ?? OP asf

  • What about the MW2 Spaz-12?

  • What about the Man o war

  • Brecci is still one of my all-time favorites. Also, thank you for pronouncing it correctly. Some people just refuse to do that out of spite.

  • The stingray from bo4 was the most broken gun of all time... i said what i said and i stand by it

  • its awful to play the brecci and vmp with red dot brooooo

  • When and if you do make a part 3 put in the hvk with the broken ammo and the fennec with the akimbo perk from cod mobile

  • Wheres the dmr

  • you forgot the mac 10 from cold war

  • Sledgehammer games made MW3...

  • Imagine using ads on the brecci

  • Me getting hit markers with the dcr 50 in bo2👁️👄👁️

  • VMP greatest SMG in COD history

  • Bro the Fennec in Cod Mobile have a Akimbo Perk THEN it is broken

  • I hate the mp5 and hauer.

  • I’m just gonna go ahead and say the diamatti dual wield in Cold War is also stupidly op, you give the really good laser sight, and put everything else into increasing the range, you can one tap people at most ranges no problem. If it wasn’t for how bad the gun is when not dual wield more people would use it, but seriously it’s worth the grind for one of the only guns in the game that can win close range against that one guy who camps your side house on nuketown with a shotgun behind the bed

  • I wish you used the Akimbo Fennecs in CODM during its prime. It was way more cracked than the single version.

  • DMR?

  • Dual fennec without nerf was the best

  • What bout cod mobile peacekeeper mkII

  • Bo1was 11 years ago that's insane..

  • 725 still busted as fuck in snd

  • Why are you not taking cod mobile broken guns into account ??

    • @Krrish Comar That'd be fun, my IGN is Genocide.exe

    • @G3nocide i just asked cause we can 1v1 or play ranked together in sometime if you agree

    • @Krrish Comar Duh, how would I be making Judgements about guns if I never actually used them ?

    • @G3nocide yeah so you too play codm hmm?

    • @Krrish Comar This video does have the regular Fennec for some reason, even though currently ASM10 basically murders it. I don't they did much research for Codm, just picked up a random gun and killed some bots.

  • Xpr in Codm 🗑️

  • i agree on the brecci, it is indeed broken, but man, trust me when i say that in the first days of bo3 (around the time where i played) the argus shotgun was disgusting.

  • you forgot to use akimbo on fennec

  • I think everyone forgot about the KSG of Black ops 2, this shotgun was basically a sniper that could kill from any distances XDDD

  • I used to dominate with a vesper in bo3

  • Mmm... yes. The Mac-10 has absolutely destroyed Warzone now, and trust me when I say the Streetsweeper does too.

  • The Aj in wold war

  • Please make a part 3 and add the Mac 10 from Cold War

  • The XMC, Olympia, and the Rift E9 from BO3

  • The as-Val and the spr gave me ptsd.

  • Xd i still remember that shotgun sniper in infinite warfare i remember everyone in the match used it it was really fun

  • I had the ballista,HAMR,Fal and the AN-94 diamond


  • still no mention of the NV4 from infinite warfare :/

  • When he dolphin dived instead of sliding at 4:20 I had such a rush of nostalgia

  • Ww2?

  • I

  • I miss the good Bruen...Was so fun...

  • Mac 10 Cold War

  • bocw dmr14 in warzone reacked havock pre nerf 2

  • Well, talk about breaking warzone... WHERE IS THE DMR AND MAC 10

  • I wondered where the vmp was

  • stingray with the rocket bullets.......

  • The 205 is still broken

  • 11:12 it is broken, but damn, you should’ve added the XR-2 to the list from black ops 3

  • the aug in bo1 was pretty nasty

  • Whats the attachments for this mo5?

  • Vets in codm: The thing that make fennec brain dead broken was it's akimbo version. It's supposed to reduce damage but due to its high fire rate, it TTK(time to kill) was insanely high. Then they patch it in the next seasons.

  • honestly black ops 3 p06 look at pc gameplay this gun is literally the most broken weapon ever

  • please, dont bring back akimbo fennec memories. i was just beggining to finally forget about that nightmare. it had like a 130 ms ttk

  • Forgot the micro mg from BO4, that thing is pure filth

  • Man really added CoD mobile

  • Think of the ppbizon in mw2019 ye broken but in a bad way /_\

  • i only watched this vid but black ops 3 brm was honestly disgusting

  • DMR be like am i a joke to you?

  • I rarely used mp40. I was more king with Type 100.

  • Just to built different

  • Are we just gonna ignore the whole day on iw when the proteus had LITERAL AIMBOT

  • Every gun in broken, but we will always get one witch is brokest😂

  • In Cold War, the XMA assault weapon is overpowered if you attach the wildcard

  • Lol I like that the brecci is the thumb nail

  • XMC bo3

  • Bruh I’m sorry if you put this in the last one but snake shot shot the .375 revolver was very not fair pre patched

  • ak47 cold war

  • black ops 4 deamon 3xb is broken

  • Lmao wait till he sees the dual diamatti's and magnums. Also the streetsweeper shotgun.

  • Forgot about the KSG from black ops 2 with long barrel basically a sniper

  • Dmr

  • fire shotgun

  • dmr and type 63 and duel damttia's and mac 10

  • QBZ-83 is one of the most insane weapons I’ve ever used, but the catch is, you have to go into the hardcore game modes in Cold War.

  • I’m guessing my Dad’s BO3 days left an impact.

  • DMR 14